24 August 2011

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Report 8th Day – Anna Hazare Janlokpal Bill and Government of India – Dialogue Started between Team Anna and Government

Report 8th Day – Anna Hazare Janlokpal Bill and Government of India – Dialogue Started between Team Anna and Government
On 8th day of the fast, after realizing the support of Indian population Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to Anna Hazare in a congress style, but the letter started the dialogue between civil society Team Anna and government.

Last 8 days everyone was thinking when Government will realize the necessity and invite the Team Anna for discussions regarding ending the fast of Anna Hazare and passing a strong Janlokpal Bill for the benefit of India and for the benefit of future generations.

On 8th day of fast the doctors who were examining Anna on day to day basis told the Anna Hazare that he should get himself admitted in Hospital and should get intravenous drip as his vital signs deteriorated.
Hazare has lost more than 5.5 kg since August 16.

After this Anna came on the stage and told all the supporters who are with him that
Doctors told me to take the dip, but his heart told him that you have given the heart to mother land and now do you fear to die for your mother land that is India.
He said that his doctors are very good but he will die for the nation but he wont take the dip or go to hospital.

Anna said that if Government sends anyone to pick him up and send him to Hospital you should stop them, do not allow them to take him forcefully.
And he also they should keep peace and should not indulge in violence.

He said that even if he died thousands of 'Anna Hazares' would take his place and ensure
that the fight for a corruption-free India continues.

team of doctors headed by Naresh Trehan had said in the afternoon that he had some problems in his kidney and that he should take some medicine.

Hazare said: "If something happens to me, the government will understand
Even if my kidney fails, there are many people here who will give theirs.
If one Anna dies, thousands of Annas' who will rise."

"I have given my heart and I am ready to give my life also,"

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appointed Singh appointed Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to mediate on behalf of the Government with Team Anna.

After that Team Anna members Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan met Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday evening to discuss and arrive at a consensus on the Lokpal issue.
At the meeting the Government was represented by Mukherjee, Union Law Minister
Salman Khurshid and Congress MP from East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency, Sandeep

After meeting Team Anna members addressed the supporters of team Anna and told that
Still there are differences on 3 points between civil society and government.
Following are the 3 points on which both sides did not agree.
1. lower bureaucracy should come under the ambit of the Lokpal
2. every state should have its own Lokpal
3. there should be a Citizen's Charter

Arvind Kejriwal told that Government should recall their version of the Lokpal Bill from Parliament or let it lapse.
Prime Minister's letter said that Jan Lokpal Bill be given to Standing Committee. This is
not acceptable to us.

Following are the 2 points on Team Anna and Government agreed.
1. Lokpal carrying out anti-corruption investigations
2. Government did not raise any objection to bringing the Prime Minister under its ambit

Team Anna Members said that government has agreed that the anti-corruption wing of CBI will be under Lokpal and the corrupt acts of members of Parliament will be covered by the Lokpal even if it was in pursuance of a vote cast or speech made in Parliament which is now protected under Article 105.

Please remember that Article 105 does not give MPS a right to do corruption or take bribe and vote and speak.

On the other side Government called another meeting of senior congress leaders.
After that meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the meeting and his senior congress party members where Mukherjee and Khurshid briefed them on the negotiations.

I hope Government will speed up their negotiations as life of Anna is precious for India.

Support Janlokpal Bill.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Kirtivasan Ganesan August 24, 2011  

Anna has to give up fast. His health is important to us. It is war against corruption. Not just a battle.

writing essays August 24, 2011  

Anna gave up, but courage he showed should will never forgotten and we should join with him against corruption in public and private sectors.

SM August 25, 2011  

Kirti,thanks.Writing essays,thanks.

Anonymous,  September 11, 2011  

Great....Anna hazare is an inspiration for all of us..keep up the good work!! we are with u!!