03 August 2011

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An Open Letter all Member of Parliament an appeal to all MPs From Anna Hazare

An Open Letter all Member of Parliament an appeal to
all MPs From Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare has written an open letter to the MPs making an appeal to them not to allow introduction of a Joke pal that is Lokpal Bill.

Read the letter written by Anna Hazare to all MPs.

Dated: 2nd August 2011


Hon’ble Members of Parliament

Parliament of India

New Delhi

Subject: My sincere appeal to prevent introduction of the anti-poor Lokpal Bill passed by the Cabinet

Dear Hon’ble Members of the Parliament,

Like many of you I have been serving my country to strengthen democracy at the grass roots. Like many of you all my efforts have been focused on reducing the sufferings of the common man, the poor farmer, worker or service person. Again like many of you I have seen from very close quarters how corruption hurts the poor most.

It is only to protect his interests that I volunteered to be a part of the joint drafting committee. I regret to share that many issues which were addressing common man’s persisting concerns have been totally overlooked in the government cleared bill.

Introduction of such a defectively structured bill is an affront to the honorable Parliamentarians, which does not have the option of debating on some of the critical issues that we had raised for a strong anti-corruption Act.

1. A Strong Public Grievance Redressal mechanism – with penalties so that all departments can work effectively to reduce corruption, which is creating so much misery for the poor.

Inclusion of lower bureaucracy under the ambit of the Lokpal – most cases of corruption of poor, farmers, workers and general populace would be in the interaction with the lower bureaucracy. All cases of corruption even at higher level and political levels would not be possible without involvement of the lower officers.

2. Same bill should create a strong, accountable and independent Lokpal as well as Lokayuktas at state level – because many of the corruption cases impacting the poor involve state government officers.

3. Independent selection, funding and removal mechanism to ensure autonomy of function.

4. Strong effective checks and balances to ensure accountability and transparency of the Lokpal and Lok Ayuktas.

5. Many other important issues like the coverage of the PM, Judiciary, MPs in Parliament, dismissal of corrupt officers, strong punishment, and empowerment along with checks and balance of Lokpal etc.

While there are many important issues in the lokpal I write to focus and highlight the plight of the common man yet again being left out.

It is my hope that the institution of the Parliament will continue to uphold its glorious heritage and prevent introduction of such an ANTI POOR bill by the government.

A copy of the comparative statement of our demands vis-à-vis the government draft is enclosed herewith for your perusal.

Yours’ Sincerely,

Anna Hazare

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Urmi August 03, 2011  

Thanks for the lovely and informative post. I am able to learn many things and getting aware of the recent happenings in politics.

virendra sharma August 03, 2011  

Good job sm thanks for the update .In india there is a section of people who questions the integrity of Annaaji and say arrogantly who is Annaa .Shame to them .

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 03, 2011  

Fie on people who do not support Anna. What a shame? The corrupt are making merry and you are standing helpless.
Support Anna. Support our PM. Long live Anna. Long live PM.

Misterio Vida August 03, 2011  

nice post...should not support the corrupts...

sm,  August 03, 2011  

veerubhai, thanks.

sm,  August 03, 2011  

Muhammad Israr,thanks.

Destination Infinity August 03, 2011  

How much can one person do? What are the remaining billion people doing on this issue? Sleeping?

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 03, 2011  

What @Destination Infinity, Don't you know? Corrupt network it is. All the people are corrupt.

Bikram August 03, 2011  

SO true @Kirti.. thats the ultimate truth ... no matter what people say .. majority of the people who support Anna are same so god know whats going ot happen

SM August 13, 2011  

Destination Infinity,thanks.