13 August 2011

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Know the 22 conditions put forward by Delhi Police in a democratic India – is it the murder of democracy

Know the 22 conditions put forward by Delhi Police in a democratic India – is it the murder of democracy

The Delhi Police had sent a letter to Team Anna on Saturday asking them to give an undertaking agreeing to a list of 22 conditions.

A statement by the Delhi Police said, "Due to legal and administrative constraints we have offered them a three day dharna at the park subject to their giving an undertaking that they will vacate the park on the third day evening. We shall permit them once they give this undertaking."

All five members from Team Anna have to sign an undertaking to this condition.

Anna Hazare has rejected them and said he will go on fast.
Anna said that "Our freedom is being taken away on 65th Independence Day".
He said that the fast would be held at the JP Park.

In press conference Anna said that “I will fast irrespective of whether permission is granted or not,” said the veteran Gandhian. “We will not give any undertaking to restrict the fast to three days. The condition of an assembly of not more than 5,000 people is also unacceptable,”

Rejecting the Delhi Police and the government's condition that the number of protesters be limited to 5,000, the Hazare team said when political parties hold protests, lakhs of people are being brought in busess and trucks with which the government has no problem.

"In our protest, people are coming on their own using their own money. The government is acting against them...

People will come and teach the government a lesson," Hazare said while noting that he was not sure how many people will join his protest.

RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal said that they will not sign an undertaking on conditions that they deem to be unconstitutional. Further he said that "We will go to JP Park and try to start our fast. It is up to the government, if they allow us to do the same."

Former Honest female cop Kiran Bedi said that as “a DCP of New Delhi area in Delhi police during the time of emergency in 1975, we had allowed protests. It seems they are getting messages from somewhere else.”

Following are the 22 conditions Delhi Police has put for the Anna Hazare to do a peaceful protest.

1. The Delhi Police has asked Anna Hazare and his followers to file an undertaking before they could give permission to hold a fast at Jai Prakash Narayan Park.

2. The undertaking says that Anna has been granted permission to hold his fast from August 16 to August 18, till 1800 hrs.

3. Only 4000 to 5000 people can attend or join

4. only 50 cars are allowed

5. only 50 bikes are allowed

6. Supporters are channelised and seated in an organized manner

7. Supporters do not spill out on the roads

8. no loudspeaker or public system , should not use loudspeaker or public system

9. All five members from Team Anna have to sign the undertaking to get permission to hold the fast at the venue.

10. not resorting to violence

11. making arrangements for water

12. making arrangements for mobile toilets

13. making arrangements for electricity

14. Not giving inflammatory speeches

15. The fast can be held from 8.00 am, August 16 to 6.00 pm

As I get the other conditions I will update the post

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SANDEEP PANWAR August 14, 2011  

याद रखनी है ये सब, इनके साथ भी ऐसा ही होना चाहिए।