20 August 2011

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Indian Judges will obey and will be under politicians – On the name of Judges appoint bill Government will take control of Judiciary

Indian Judges will obey and will be under politicians – On the name of Judges appoint bill Government will take control of Judiciary

current procedure of Appointing Judges in India is perfect and excellent that is the reason today we see now and then Supreme Court of India showing anger to all political parties including investigative agencies.

Currently politicians do not have right to appoint judges. This is the reason Good judges do not fear politicians and give the excellent judgments.

Currently judges appoint the judges thus judges do not fear political parties while giving judgments.

Once the appointment goes into the hands of Politicians NO one will dare to speak against political parties and government.

Now Indian government is planning to establish and set up a National Judicial Commission, which will comprise members from outside the judiciary to appoint, and oversee, the conduct of judges.

If passed, the Bill will ensure that judges to the Supreme and High Courts will now be appointed by the
Law Minister – that is a politician
The Leader of the Opposition – a politician
An eminent citizen chosen by the government – eminent citizen who will be a puppet of government and politicians.
In addition to the Chief Justice of India and two other top judges.
But in order for this to be done, an amendment needs to be made to the Constitution

We have seen how Mr. Thomas became chief and how Suprme Court removed him.

Now the judges like Thomas will be appointed by government and who obey government for promotions, who will become a puppet in the hands of government.

First the bill will go to cabinet where it must be approved and then it will be tabled in Parliament.

This is the request to Suprme Court of India this move by Politicians is not constitutional its direct attack on principal of separation of powers.

Thus Supreme Court of India should not allow this to happen in the interest of India and Indian citizens.

Reality views by sm

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virendra sharma August 20, 2011  

Very good post SM .our govt is behaving like polit bureau .

virendra sharma August 20, 2011  

सम थैंक्स योर अपडेट ..
ram ram bhai

शनिवार, २० अगस्त २०११
कुर्सी के लिए किसी की भी बली ले सकती है सरकार ....
स्टेंडिंग कमेटी में चारा खोर लालू और संसद में पैसा बंटवाने के आरोपी गुब्बारे नुमा चेहरे वाले अमर सिंह को लाकर सरकार ने अपनी मनसा साफ़ कर दी है ,सरकार जन लोकपाल बिल नहीं लायेगी .छल बल से बन्दूक इन दो मूढ़ -धन्य लोगों के कंधे पर रखकर गोली चलायेगी .सेंकडों हज़ारों लोगों की बलि ले सकती है यह सरकार मन मोहनिया ,सोनियावी ,अपनी कुर्सी बचाने की खातिर ,अन्ना मारे जायेंगे सब ।
क्योंकि इन दिनों -
"राष्ट्र की साँसे अन्ना जी ,महाराष्ट्र की साँसे अन्ना जी ,
मनमोहन दिल हाथ पे रख्खो ,आपकी साँसे अन्नाजी .

Arti August 21, 2011  

Good post sm...
Nice info.

Destination Infinity August 21, 2011  

I think the Judges appointment procedure should be left alone without the involvement of Politicians.

There is a problem with these things - The people who create this system will become a victim. Just imagine, if the opposition party gets into power, they will use these systems against the people who make these laws. Its a bit over-ambitious to assume that Congress will be in power always.

Destination Infinity

sm August 21, 2011  

Destination infinity,thanks.