31 August 2011

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I do not Support Anna Hazare I do not support Janlokpal Bill – A publicity Stunt by selfish or very talented Indians.

I do not Support Anna Hazare I do not support Janlokpal Bill – A publicity Stunt by selfish or very talented Indians.

I read many articles against the Janlokpal Bill and Anna Hazare which say that
I do not support Anna Hazare and Janlokpal Bill.

And comedy is that in all those articles they do not talk anything law related or Janlokpal Bill law related.

They just say I do not like the way Anna acts anybody can do it.

Then my question is what happened with Ramdev Baba?

For Ganga cleaning one Sadhu died in hospital no one cared for him including media as well as government?

Why don’t you write about that?

For me if you do not oppose the Janlokpal Bill by given another good Lokpal bill then I will say you are just writing for the cause of Publicity.

When you oppose Janlokpal Bill give the facts and talk about the law?

Do you know India got Right to information act when Anna Hazare went on the fast for more than 12 days then India got the Right to information act?

If Government of India is not ready to pass the laws then what I should do as an Indian citizen?

Please if you know the answer let me know.

We should vote and elect good candidates my question is my dear Indians what should I do when all the candidates on Ballot paper are not eligible?

One more Point be educated every elected Candidate MPs has to obey his Party leadership or remote control , thus a Honest Member of Parliament has to say I do not support the Janlokpal Bill law.

People like you who oppose Janlokpal Bill without any reasoning based on facts India is not getting good Janlokpal Bill.

So do not oppose Janlokpal Bill for Publicity stunt you got many things using which you can get free publicity.

Just go and say I will become nude if India wins match and you will become the Hero of media and villain of all parties who are against freedom and democracy.

Never ever oppose good laws, made by anyone for the benefit of India.

If you Support M. Gandhi then I think you should support the method of Anna Hazare and everyone can not get the Support which Anna Got.

Method of Anna Hazare is wrong?
Method adopted by Anna Hazare is 100% right as we do not want violence.
An eye for an eye will make everyone blind.

Remembering History = Poona Pact or Pune Pact
24 September 1932 –
Poona pact was an agreement between Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi.
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar represented lower caste people of India.
The Poona Pact – Location – Yerawada Jail in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Round Table Conferences in 1930-32 – British Government invited various leaders to draft the constitution for the self rule of India.
The concept of separate electorates for the Untouchables was raised by Dr. Ambedkar. Similar provisions were already available for other minorities, including Muslims, Christians, Anglo-Indians and Sikhs.

The British government agreed with Ambedkar's contention, and British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald's Communal Award to the "depressed classes" was to be incorporated into the constitution for governance of British India.

Gandhi strongly opposed it on the grounds that it would disintegrate Hindu society.

Gandhi began an indefinite hunger strike at Yerawada Jail from September 20, 1932 to protest this Award.

As Gandhi's health worsened, Dr.Ambedkar was under tremendous pressure to save the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Dr. Ambedkar feared that Gandhi will die due to his fast thus A compromise, the Poona Pact, made between the leaders of caste Hindus and Dr. Ambedkar, was reached on September 24, 1932.

The text uses the term "Depressed Classes" to denote Untouchables who were later called Scheduled Castes under India Act 1935, and the later Indian Constitution of 1950. The Untouchables are now popularly known as Dalits.

Open your eyes and you can see many social activists died but no one cared for them they died for the cause but nothing changed.

People say Anna Hazare blackmailed Government?

Do you know Black mailing is crime then why Government is not filing case against Anna Hazare for Black Mailing government openly?

Please the British Democracy and their laws you will understand they are also changing their own methods.

Democracy means the government which serves its Population.
Government is the servant of its citizens in a democracy.

Now again people will say individual should change then automatically India will change?
Then why we need the laws and investigating agencies.

Let us say we are all becoming honest and we do not need any law and constitution.

Don’t ever make statements like fool.

I will decide that I will not pay bribe

Now I go to collage and say that Sir My kid got 75% please give him admission?
Collage says no.
Pay Bribe

What I should do?

Example No.2 –
I feel our roads should be clean and no one should spit on the road
Thus I decide that I will never spit on the road.
But when I go outside I see hundreds of people spitting on the road
Then what I should do?

Comedy is that people who are in USA and UK, Indian citizens they do not spit on American soil or British Soil but as soon as they land in Mumbai and Chennai they start to Spit on the Indian Soil.


The reason is Indian law system is failed to tackle every type of Problem.

We need the strong laws but we can not get the strong laws as rich corrupt people pay the money and see that Good laws are not passed in India.
This is one of the examples.
For spitting on Road fine Rs. 1 Lakh and make few Indians beggars and see automatically every Indian will stop spitting on the road.

Give the Death Punishment to Few Bribe Takers and see that everyone will be afraid of taking bribe.

Situation in India is

If you will do not do Corruption
You will remain beggar
You may go to Jail
More the Corruption you will do
More the respect you will get
More the law agencies will obey you and fear you
As you will be friend of Politicians

Do you think Without Agitation we will get the right, right to reject the candidate on ballot paper?

I do not think once again Anna has to go on hunger strike for this.

If you think it’s simple then go on fast I am sure you will get the danda on your back side and you will run away from Ramlila Maidan.

Reality views by sm –
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Jon August 31, 2011  

Well do you know Gandhiji was against incorporating Satyagraha as constituitional right....simply because counter revolution is not good for a democracy

sm,  August 31, 2011  

thanks. If he was against fast then why he himself went on fast?

Amrit August 31, 2011  

Whatever people say, my analysis is Anna is right so as his path. Situation is out of control.

Anonymous,  September 01, 2011  

If MPs are really loyal Annaji would not need to do the fast. It is good that we got the weapon of satyagragh otherwise we would have scenes of libya, egypt and syria in India. People are fedup with many problems and issues but MPs will not make law that easy. see what is happening to sports bill, women reservation bill, food security bill etc there are numerous bills pending in the LS/RS but no one is bothered to make them a law. MPs can make a bill on increase of their salary in one hour!!! It is time that Annaji puts up the demand list asap and we all will get the real freedom in just one year.

sm,  September 01, 2011  


virendra sharma September 01, 2011  

Sm these are people like "Arundhati Roy ",both Physically and mentally dwarf .They are looking at the other side of the picture i.e corruption .Yes They support corruption and the corrupt system of political governance .
They should sit in the lap of Hurriat ,these taritors want to break the country .

virendra sharma September 01, 2011  

मुद्दा अस्पताल नहीं है ?
बुधवार, ३१ अगस्त २०११
मुद्दा अस्पताल नहीं है ?
इन दिनों कुछ लोग ये सवाल उठा रहें हैं अन्ना इलाज़ कराने "कोर्पोरेट अस्पताल मेदान्ता सिटी गुडगाँव "क्यों गये ?यह भी कि उनकी कोर कमेटी में अल्पसंख्यक नहीं थे पहले सवाल का ज़वाब यह है -अन्ना के प्राणों की रक्षा के लिए लोक ने उन्हें अच्छे से अच्छा अस्पताल मुहैया करवाया है ,वे किसी अन्य भारतीय की तरह अमरीका इलाज़ कराने नहीं गए हैं .कैंसर के इलाज़ के लिए "राजीव गांधी कैंसर अस्पताल "की अनदेखी करके वे न्यूयोर्क के एक कैंसर अस्पताल में नहीं पहुंचे हैं .
रहा सवाल अल्पसंख्यकों का यदि वह अपने गुसल खाने से ही पेट खराब होने की वजह से बाहर नहीं आते इसमें अन्ना का क्या कुसूर है देश के ८०-८५ %लोग उनके साथ खड़े थे ,खड़े हैं.
रही बात सरकारी अस्पतालों की जैसी सरकार वैसे ही उसके अस्पताल हैं ।
कुछ पंचांगी तत्व (असंवैधानिक तत्व ) जो विदेशों से पुरूस्कार लेकर यहाँ चैनलों पर पसरे रहतें हैं ,वे कोर्पोरेट -सरकारी दुरभिसंधि के किले को अन्ना द्वारा न बींध पाने की बात कर रहें हैं .सवाल ये है ये अरुंधती रॉय जैसे लोग जिनका शारीरिक कद भी उतना ही कम है जितना मानसिक ये खुद क्या कर रहें हैं ?
इन्हेंजन -आधार विहीन अलोकतांत्रिक हुर्रियत की गोद में बैठ कर भारत में कब्रों के सुधार की बात उठानी चाहिए ।
अन्ना जी ने चुनाव सुधार ,राईट टू रिकाल ,राईट टू रिजेक्ट की बात उठाई है .केवल बाहुबल ,झूठ्बल ,जाति बल से चुनाव जीत कर संसद में चले आना लोकतांत्रिक होना नहीं है ?यदि ये यूं ही चलता रहा तो चोर उच्चक्के ,डाकू लुटेरे अपराध तत्वों की संख्या वर्तमान १७० के बहुत आगे चली जायेगी ।
अकेले अन्ना से आप क्या क्या उम्मीद करतें हैं ,कब्रों की दुर्दशा ,पाकिस्तान के हालात ,कायनात में जहां भी गड़बड़ है वह अन्ना सुधारें?
यह पंचान्गियों द्वाराअन्ना आन्दोलन को मुद्दों से भटकाने की ना -कामयाब कोशिश है .मुदा अस्पताल नहीं है .
प्रस्तुतकर्ता veerubhai पर ९:५९ अपराह्न 1 टिप्पणियाँ

Misterio Vida September 01, 2011  

Yes. MPs are puppets and remote controlled. Most of the times they are unaware of the contents of the bill they support or oppose.they just get a call from the party command and blindly follow it.if it was not required under the law, im sure 99percent MPs would never attend any session of the parliament..they are only interested in their corruption...

Anonymous,  September 01, 2011  

The next agenda also should be removal of anti-defection law as this law does not permit the MP to give his personal opinion. It also blocks the good MPs who really want to work for the country but the anti-defection law prohibits them to raise their voice against the party policies which may be anti-citizens.

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 01, 2011  

Jan Lokpal, the good corruption laws was ably crusaded by Anna Hazare. Hope the committee on corruption does not recommend bad corruption laws.

SM September 01, 2011  

veerubhai,thanks.Muhammad Israr, thanks.

Unknown September 02, 2011  

This is just world class write up! truly impressive stuff! I got to agree

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chitra September 02, 2011  

I feel there must be somebody who can guide people and I see it in Anna. we need to cleanse our system and it is going to take lot of time.

sm,  September 02, 2011  


Anonymous,  September 02, 2011  

I think time is the only factor we do not have now. We have spent 40 years waiting for Lokpal. Just think if lokpal was enacted in 1960s or 70s we would have been far more prosperous and wealthy nation. Poverty would have been eradicated. Awake India we need to work now with a time deadline. If Annaji has to start fresh agitation please let us vow that we won't take that much time to initialize ourselves for the cause that we took last time.

Neha Sharma September 08, 2011  

Are we all actually as naive as we are being while supporting Anna. It took a while to see the real picture, and it is so. The Anna team is going beyond what they had started out for. To ask for referendum, that is ridiculous. tomorrow if the people of J&k ask for one will the Anna team be in support of them too.

SM September 08, 2011  

@Neha Sharma


Its the right of j and k people to decide where to go?
We Indians have to them so much love that they will choose to be in India.

read the history of J AND K and then talk.

India – In Short History of Kashmir - Part One

India – In Short History of Kashmir - Part Two