11 August 2011

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Gujarat govt. asks whistleblower DIG Rahul Sharma why action should not be taken against him for honesty

Gujarat govt. asks whistleblower DIG Rahul Sharma why action should not be taken against him for honesty

Last week whistleblower cop Sanjiv Bhatt was suspended from service by Gujarat state government.

Rahul Sharma is one of the honest and hard working senior police officer of Gujarat state.

Currently Rahul Sharma is posted as Deputy Inspector General (DIG), armed units, with its headquarters in Rajkot.

Media reported that Rahul Sharma is set to be chargesheeted for violation of the Official Secrets Act [OSA]

Now question is what is the crime of DIG Rahul Sharma?
Rahul Sharma was posted as the district superintendent of police in Bhavnagar during the 2002 riots.
Because of his quick actions district and town remained in good conditions.

For honest and hard work what is the reward that reward Rahul Sharma got from government.

Rahul Sharma was immediately transferred thereafter to the police control room in

In May 2002 Rahul Sharma while assisting and investigating Naroda Patia massacre
case in Ahmedabad as an intelligent cop Sharma collected the call data for all important phone numbers during the period of rioting.

Once again for showing intelligence Sharma got punishment, he got transferred.

Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Nanavati judicial inquiry commission probing the 2002 Godhra train carnage and the statewide communal riots that followed summoned Rahul Sharma to depose before them.

Rahul Sharma appeared before the Nanavati judicial inquiry commission and handed over the copies of CDs of the call records to the Nanavati panel without taking government permission.

Why someone should take government permission for doing good job and doing and showing honesty towards his job and duties?

Honorable Rahul Sharma is the employee of we the citizens of India he is not the personal servant of Gujarat government.
Furthermore Gujarat government is the servant of the citizens of India.

Because Rahul Sharma handed the CDs the investigating team nailed down
former minister Maya Kodnani and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) general secretary Jaydeep Patel in 2009.

February 2011 – Rahul Sharma got show cause notice asking why action should not be
taken for handing over the CDs to the inquiry panel without government permission

Any Indian government officer if he dares to go or speak against government they are punished, punishment is transfer from important post to unimportant post.

India needs to scrap the official secrets acts.

Now India is independent country India does not need such laws like official secrets act.
What official secrets, as per constitution of India, government of India is the servant of citizens of India,
Thus we the citizens are owner’s masters and they are our servants.
How can a servant be allowed to hide information from his masters?

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SANDEEP PANWAR August 11, 2011  

सरकार से सबको डर लगता है, वो चाहे संजीव हो या, बाबा रामदेव, सच गया भाड में?

Rama Ananth August 11, 2011  

It is really sad our country is going through such bad times , there is not a single government that can be said to be completely corruption free and honest. People who speak against the government are treated as criminals, and criminals live like king, even if they are temporarily behind bars.