25 August 2011

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Anna Hazare told Govt. fulfill 3 demands regarding Lokpal Bill then he will break his fast.

Anna Hazare told Govt. fulfill following 3 demands regarding Lokpal Bill then he will break his fast.

Today while addressing the citizens of India Anna Hazare told that he would not end his fast unless his demands are met.

Anna Hazare said that if Government wants that Anna should break his fast then Government should fulfill the following 4 conditions.

Following are the 3 demands of Anna Hazare which he has set for the Government.

1. Discuss the Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament
2. bring lower bureaucracy under the Lokpal,
3. appoint Lokayuktas in the states
4. Prepare a citizens' charter.

Anna also said that why the opposition parties are silent on such an important issue?

Anna said if government fulfills the demand then he will break his fast but he won’t stop agitation until the bill is passed.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Destination Infinity August 25, 2011  

For people who think Anna Hazare is rigid, look at this offer. Can't the Govt do at least this?

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 26, 2011  

Today's(26/08/2011) session in Parliament has been disappointing to say the least.
BJP did not move a privileged motion to rake up the Anna Hazare issue.
Unanimous passing of JanLokpal bill seems remote under Section 184.

sm,  August 26, 2011  

@Kirtithanks.I agree with you.

Anonymous,  August 29, 2011  

thnx anna g i m with u

MANISHA MISHRA,  September 16, 2011  

yes Anna Hazare is rigid.Government has to fulfill his demand.

MANISHA MISHRA,  September 16, 2011  

The students of PAUL with you

Anonymous,  September 16, 2011  

I support you

sm,  September 16, 2011  


Neha November 11, 2011  

merey pyarey Annaji.. hunger strike math kijiye.. kyon ki iss baar Daal shayad hi galeygi.. aur aap bhookey hi rah jaogey.. bachi zhindagee thoda Dal Chawal khaleoo.. kyon bhooka rahte hooo.. 120Crore janatha soo rahi hei.. kyon jagatey hoo.. logonkoo...

Anonymous,  January 01, 2012  

anna hazar demands r right......