16 August 2011

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Anna Arrested before fast where is Anna Hazare – No Democracy No Vote for Congress

Anna Arrested before fast where is Anna Hazare – No Democracy No Vote for Congress

Update – 16th August 2011 – 3.30 PM IST
Anna did not take the bail. Anna Sent to Judicial custody and Police will take him to Tihar Jail.

Anna Hazare was arrested by the Delhi Police ahead of his proposed fast against corruption.
Anna Hazare has been arrested under Section 107/51.
He will now have to appear before a magistrate to get bail.
Hazare and his supporters were taken into custody before he was to proceed to the venue of his fast in JP Park where prohibitory orders are in place.

Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Shanti Bhushan and Manish Sisodia have also been put under preventive arrest by the Delhi police.

Until now 1300 supporters are arrested by Delhi Police.
In Mumbai more than 500 people got arrested.

Go out and get arrested if you want to come out of Gutter
Support Anna and kill corruption.

Now Anna and his supporters have to move to Supreme Court regarding this.
Today or tomorrow they will file the application in Supreme Court of India.

Did you ever hear Police asking for 22 conditions to political parties?

On valentine day few Gundas beat us and what happens?
Ever heard Police save them?

Girls are beaten for wearing Jeans?
Ever heard Police saved them?

Did you ever hear police beating rich man?

Did you ever hear police beating politician?

For Land Farmers are murdered, police shoot on them?

Forcefully government can take our lands and homes free of cost or with little money and we can not do anything. we like monkeys keep watching.

Who is responsible for this?

Sometimes Police murders accused in Jail

Ever heard any police man got immediately death punishment for murder?

Remember the history Gandhi and Dr.Babasaheb Pact
How Gandhi did the fast and Dr.Babasaheb Agreed

As per my reading 26 countries the Prime Minster comes under lokpal?
Still trying to find good source so I can article on that.

Last 64 years Majority times Congress ruled India, now time has come to say
Congress bye bye forever.

Do not trust any politician.

Do you know ICELAND IS making its constitution using internet and facebook this is the right of every citizen.

Congress is doing nothing and other political parties do not speak as everyone is corrupt.

Normally its rule one king will not speak against other king.

So Remember and say if no Janlokpal then bye bye congress forever.

Such a great law is Congress making
Below is example

Information giver goes to Jail 2 Years.

Corruption doing jail 6 months.

Bye bye congress forever

Now India needs New political Party

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Stranger in a Strange Land August 16, 2011  

Hello SM:

This corruption and meanness of spiriot is everywhere today. I wish all those arrested strength and clear thinking during their ordeal.

Kindest regards,

SANDEEP PANWAR August 16, 2011  

जब चुनाव आयेगा तो तब फ़िर कोई धमाका कर ये कांग्रेस सत्ता हासिल कर लेगी?

Rama Ananth August 16, 2011  

It took the police months to arrest corrupt people, but only seconds to arrest Anna Hazare team, and Sheila Dixit is still around.
The blunders the government is bent on committing, first the Jokepal bill and now they are behaving like a pack of Jokers to put Anna and his team in Thihar Jail, along with Raja and the gang: the government is absolutely clueless.
The less the BJP speaks the better.

SM August 16, 2011  

जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर), thanks.Rama,thanks.
Let us hope Congress will accept Janlokpal Bill.