21 August 2011

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6TH Day of Fast Report Govt. sends proposal Team Anna Rejects Anna Says Pass the Bill in Parliament or Go to Home

6TH Day of Fast Report Govt. sends proposal Team Anna Rejects Anna Says Pass the Bill in Parliament or Go to Home

On the sixth day of his fast, Doctors who are monitoring the health of Anna Hazare said that Anna has lost four kilograms in the last six days.
Doctors said that the blood pressure, pulse rate and heart beat are normal.
Anna is fit.

On Sunday Anna Said that Government should pass the Janlokpal Bill or they should go to home they should leave.

Today more than 50,000 supporters gathered at Ramlila Maidan and more than 5,000 activists also held a protest march from the India Gate to the Ramlila Ground.

While addressing Indian citizens from Ramlila Maidan Anna said that government has betrayed me at every step. Now, they have only one option -either pass the Jan Lokpal Bill or go. The government is not serious about fighting corruption. I warned them of protests, but they did not listen to me. That is why I have taken up this protest and will continue till the Jan Lokpal Bill is not passed.

Anna said Janlokpal Bill was made with five others taking people's opinion into consideration. He added that he warned the government about staging protests with regard to the bill, but they government did not pay attention.

Anna said that if the strong bill were not passed by August 30, then he will carry out such a protest that the nation will remember it for a long time.

NDTV reported that Bhayyu Maharaj, has been selected as the main negotiator between the Government and Anna Hazare. They also say that Bhayyu Maharaj met Mr. Hazare, alone, for an hour today.
Umesh Chandra Sarangi, Additional Chief Secretary of Maharashtra, is also in Delhi he also met Mr. Anna Hazare and his team.

What was the proposal or offer of the Government of India to Anna Hazare regarding Lokpal Bill?
Government wanted more time, 4 months of time for the Lokpal Bill and it will put the Janlokpal Bill before standing committee.
But Team Anna rejected the proposal.

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chitra August 22, 2011  

4 months, is it not a long time...Now itself so much time is wasted.

sm August 22, 2011  

@chitrathanks.Yes but i am with Anna do not trust what if after 4 months government changes the mind?
Last 42 Years they are doing this, demand more and more time.
Now pass the bill or go home is the right choice.

Irfanuddin August 23, 2011  

just to insist for doing it in a week or so bcoz it can't be done in last 42 yrs is little more i think bcoz genuinely it requires little more time to make it law....

SM September 01, 2011  

@IRFANUDDIN thanks.We should give them more 42 Years.If they do it with honesty 24 hours are enough.