26 July 2011

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President Orders Nasa put astronauts on an asteroid where no man has gone before Star Trek Era begins for NASA

President Orders Nasa put astronauts on an asteroid
where no man has gone before Star Trek Era begins for NASA

President Barack Obama has said the objective is to build new spaceships that can travel beyond the shuttle’s near Earth orbit and eventually send astronauts to asteroids, Mars and other destinations in deep space.

NASA will have to accomplish its most ambitious mission landing on an asteriod within 15 years, after a presidential directive.
All this has to be ready to launch by 2025 by presidential order.
It’s expected that NASA will announce its design idea for these rockets by the end of the summer and Congress has ordered that they be built by 2016.

In past Hollywood Movies has done it.
Example - Armageddon”
Now NASA Scientist will bring that into reality in next 15 Years.
For NASA sending people to an asteriod won’t be easy because of its zero gravity.
Astronauts would just float away.
One can't land on an asteroid because you'd bounce off - it has virtually no gravity. Astronauts couldn't even walk on it because they'd float away.

Nasa is thinking about jetpacks, tethers, bungees, nets and spiderwebs to allow explorers to float just above the surface of an asteroid while attached to a smaller mini-spaceship.

That spaceship will big enough so Astronauts can live inside spaceship for a month.
mini-spaceship, crew capsule, solar arrays and propulsion system would have to be linked together in the middle of space, assembled in a way like the International Space Station but on a smaller scale.

Meaning of Jetpack –
A backpack that is maneuvered by jets and permits an astronaut to move about alone in space away from a spacecraft.

About Image - As a C-type asteroid, Mathilde is very dark, darker than asphalt. It is 59 by 47 kilometers in diameter.
Credit: NASA / JHUAPL / Cornell / colorized image by Daniel Macháček

What is An asteroid?
An asteroid is a gigantic rock orbiting the sun, like Earth.
An asteroid is a giant space rock that orbits the sun, like Earth.
Scientifically, an asteroid is a remnant from the birth of the solar system, offering clues about how our planetary system began.

In 1908 one small asteroid exploded over Siberia wiping out vegetation over 108 square km.

Kent Joosten, chief architect of the human exploration team at Johnson Space Center, said: 'This is the big step This is out into the universe, away from Earth's gravity completely... This is really where you are doing the Star Trek kind of thing.'

Nasa Near Earth Object program manager Donald Yeomans said that Every 100 million years or so an asteroid six-miles wide - the type that killed off the dinosaurs - smacks Earth,

Why NASA want to go to an asteroid?
One of the important reasons is that asteroid has a capacity to destroy earth and wipe out human civilization forever, thus it’s very important to study and go on to an asteroid so in future if we find any asteroid is coming to hit us, we can land on it and destroy it before it destroys us.
If Nasa can get astronauts to an asteroid, they can figure out a way of changing a potential killer's orbit.

In August unmanned spacecraft is set for launch and its expected that it will reach
Jupiter's orbit in July 2016 and should further understanding of the solar system's beginnings by revealing the origin and evolution of its largest planet.

A robotic science laboratory, being prepared for a November 25 launch, will land in August 2012 near a mountain in a crater on the planet most like Earth in the solar system.

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chitra July 26, 2011  

Landing on Asteroids, science is just booming forward. wonder how life would be in 2025

deeps July 26, 2011  

hope thats for the best...

Priya Sreeram July 26, 2011  

tht's a giant leap for science n mankind ! 2025 here we come !!

Destination Infinity July 26, 2011  

India was planning to send an astronaut to moon by that time - I remember?!! I guess China might directly want to go to the asteroid instead of going to moon. What else is there to see on the moon?

Destination Infinity

sm,  July 26, 2011  

chitra, thanks.
Priya Sreeram,thanks.
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Anonymous,  July 27, 2011  

This is really interesting! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Hope to see you round again soo!


Sujatha Sathya July 27, 2011  

indepth analysis! good i came by ur blog

what does "sm" stand for btw?

Treat and Trick July 27, 2011  

Thanks for posting this informative post!

sm,  July 27, 2011  

Anonymous, thanks.
Sujatha Sathya,thanks. its short form of my full name.
Treat and Trick, thanks.

Gopal Mishra July 27, 2011  

I am visiting this blog for the first time. It's really very nice.

sm,  July 28, 2011  

Gopal Mishra,

SM July 28, 2011  

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