20 July 2011

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News of World Short History with Timeline of UK Phone Hacking scandal

News of the world was a 168 year old news paper nicknamed as News of the Screws and Screws of the World.
The News of the World was a national tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom from 1843 to 2011.
Founded - 1 October 1843 and Priced at just three pence
Headquarters - Wapping, London
Established as a broadsheet by John Browne Bell

1880 – Sold Nearly 30,000 Copies

1891 – Bells sold it to Lascelles Carr

1920 – Sold more than 3 Million copies

1950 – Sold more than 8,441,000 and individual editions sold over 9 million copies.

1969 – News Corp. Rupert Murdoch's media firm bought it from Carr.

1981 - A magazine (Sunday) was included with the paper

1984 – Transformed into a tabloid

Print Locations - The Paper was printed at Hertfordshire, Liverpool, Dinnington near Sheffield, Portsmouth and Glasgow, with a separate edition produced in Belfast. Dublin, Madrid, Brussels, Cyprus and Orlando in Florida, USA.

On 7 July 2011, News International announced that the News of the World would be permanently closed that week. The newspaper would print its final edition on 10 July 2011 following revelations of the ongoing phone hacking scandal, with the loss of 200 jobs.

The 10 July 2011 edition of the News of the World carried its final headline, "Thank You and Goodbye"

November 2005 -
News of the World reporter Clive Goodman wrote a story saying Prince William has a knee injury. Buckingham Palace filed complaint after that police inquiry started.

2006 –
Paper started using private investigators to illegally gain access to hundreds of mobile phone voicemail accounts.

August 2006 -
Goodman arrested along with private investigator Glenn Mulcaire for suspected hacking into voice mails of royal household.

January 2007 -
Goodman jailed for four months; Mulcaire given six-month sentence. News of the world editor Andy Coulson, had resigned two weeks earlier.

May 2007 -
Conservative Party leader David Cameron appoints Andy Coulson to be his media adviser.

September 2009 -
Rebekah Brooks, former editor of the News of the World and its sister paper The Sun becomes chief executive of News International.

May 2010 -
Conservative David Cameron becomes prime minister; Andy Coulson becomes his communications chief.

August 2010 -
News of the World reporter Mazher Mahmood posed as a "Fake Sheikh" to expose a cricket bookie named Mazhar Majeed who claimed Pakistani cricketers had committed spot-fixing during Pakistan's 2010 tour of England.

January 2011 –
Police reopen investigation into phone hacking after that Andy Coulson resigns.

On 17 January 2011 -
The Guardian reported that Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator paid by the paper, testified that he had been asked by the newspaper's leadership to hack voicemail accounts on its behalf

5 April –
2 news paper journalists Ian Edmondson and Neville Thurlbeck arrested.

14 April -
James Weatherup was arrested.

July 14 -
Rupert Murdoch agrees to appear before a parliamentary committee.

July 15 -
Rebekah Brooks resigns as CEO of News International.

July 17 -
Brooks is arrested by UK police in the hacking scandal.

July 17 –
London Police Chief Paul Stephenson resigns . Allegation – Links with news of the world reporter Neil Wallis who got arrested in hacking scandal.

July 18 -
London police assistant commissioner John Yates resigns. 2 years back he did not reopen the phone hacking case.

July 19 –
LulzSec hackers broke into the website of Rupert Murdoch's best-selling British tabloid Sun and altered the front page to show a fake report about the media mogul's death.

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Anonymous,  July 20, 2011  

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Now there is verity for scandals too…

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Bikram July 20, 2011  

at least something is being done the newspaper is not Closed .
If it was india nothing would happen..


Kirtivasan Ganesan July 20, 2011  

Gorkhaland was formed in one day.
Even after so many days of unrest Telengana has not been formed.
I don't think that hacking of phone is as critical and as relevant as above.

sm,  July 20, 2011  

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sm,  July 20, 2011  

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Destination Infinity July 20, 2011  

Did you see the 'pie' attack video on Robert Muderoch in courtroom? Its in youtube. But this is not as clear as the 'pie' attack on Bill gates in '98. That was clear :)

Destination Infinity

sm,  July 21, 2011  

Destination Infinity,
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