14 July 2011

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Complete report - 21 Dead 141 Injured in 3 Bomb Blast in Mumbai – Was it birthday gift to Ajmal Kasab? Time to Hang All Criminals

Three blasts rocked Maharashtra's Mumbai city on the 24th birthday of Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the 26/11 terror attacks, on Wednesday.

Mumbai once again witnessed the 3 bomb blast.
two in South Mumbai at Opera House and in Zaveri Bazar and one at Dadar West, in central Mumbai.

All 3 blasts took place during rush hour and in crowded places which killed 21 and injured 113. The injured were admitted to several hospitals including the JJ Hospital, GT Hospital, KEM Hospital and St George's Hospital.

Following are the phone numbers of Hospitals where injured are getting treatment.
1. KEM (022-24136051),
2. Nair (022-23085379),
3. Harkishandas (022-23855555/30095555),
4. Saifee (022-67570111).

The first blast took place at 6:54 PM at south Mumbai's crowded Zaveri Bazaar.
The Zaveri Bazaar blast took place in an umbrella kept at the crowded Kahu Gali, a street of eateries where many commuters stop to snack before catching their local train’s home.
This was the third blast in zaveri bazaar in last 18 years.

The second bomb blast took place at 6.55 PM Opera House which was "high intensity blast".
A motorcycle was used to trigger the explosion near the two-storey JK Building at Tata Road No. 1 in Opera House

Third blast took place at 7.05 PM at Dadar.
The blast at Kabootar Khana in Dadar took place in a Maruti Esteem car.

NIA (National Investigation Authority) officers will help Mumbai police in all these 3 bomb blast.
One CFSL (Central Forensic Science Laboratory) team from Delhi and one team from Hyderabad have been sent to Mumbai.
A Border Security Force plane carrying NSG personnel, forensic experts and senior NIA officials reached Mumbai from New Delhi on Wednesday night.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik claimed that he was not in a position to say who carried out the blasts.

The Home Minister said Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) were used in all three blasts.

US President Barack Obama said that "I strongly condemn the outrageous attacks in Mumbai," "India is a close friend and partner of the United States. The American people will stand with the Indian people in times of trial, and we will offer support to India's efforts to bring the perpetrators of these terrible crimes to justice,"

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh said that "I strongly condemn the bomb blasts in Mumbai this evening. I have asked the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to do whatever is possible to provide relief to the injured and to the families of the deceased citizens. I have also asked Union Home Minister, Shri P Chidambaram to provide all possible expert assistance to the state government. I appeal to people of Mumbai to remain calm and show a united face."

Media has reported that close circuit TV (CCTV) footage from security cameras opposite the bus stop at Dadar and at Opera House could help the investigating officers of Mumbai Police.

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sm,  July 14, 2011  

Vivek Jain,

hamaarethoughts.com July 14, 2011  

its sad..BUT wht did india do with the past terrorist attack...that guy (kasab) is still hanging around...its weird..Slap should have been on the face itself right their..when kasab was caught he shld have been HANGED in-front of the world to know what we are capable of doing..
sympathy to terrorists ... no way!

sm,  July 14, 2011  


Kirtivasan Ganesan July 14, 2011  

A very sad happening. And the terrorists chose to attack on Kasab's birth anniversary only shows that terrorists can attack on will.
Bombs and weapons are easily available in some parts of the world making terrorism easy.
It makes me wonder and ask God, what is the mistake that an average Indian makes? Is it wrong to want peace? Is it wrong to be faithful?
I feel we are timid and trusting types. Probably the mistake our society makes often.

Urmi July 14, 2011  

Its a big tragedy as another terrorist attack took place. I cannot understand why Kasab has not been hanged till now. Whats the reason behind it to keep him alive who has killed hundreds of innocent people?

sm,  July 14, 2011  

Vote Politics and selfish politicians is one of the reason.

virendra sharma July 14, 2011  

this all because of the so called secular character of Indian polity .Indira Gandhi added the world secular in the preamble of our constitution .This melody is old .We have a robot ,a crow scare bar in the form of a PM.Sonia is being implanted on our body politic by the church .We continue to be a soft state and a banana republic.

रविकर July 14, 2011  

हर-हर बम-बम
बम-बम धम-धम |

थम-थम, गम-गम,
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व्यर्थम - व्यर्थम |

दम-ख़म, बम-बम,
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समदन सम-सम,
समरथ सब हम | समदन = युद्ध

अनरथ कर कम
चट-पट भर दम |

भकभक जल यम
मरदन मरहम ||
राहुल उवाच : कई देशों में तो, बम विस्फोट दिनचर्या में शामिल है |

sm,  July 14, 2011  


sm,  July 14, 2011  

excellent poem

RNSANE July 16, 2011  

The loss of life greatly saddens me and I mourn with the families and loved ones in their suffering. I cannot rationalize this senseless killing, for any reason. My hope has been to come to India for a six month visit and, even these acts of terrorism will probably not deter me - unless my own government puts out travel advisories recommending that US citizens not visit India. My prayer is, always, that we will someday be able to end this terrible hatred that men feel toward each other!

sm,  July 17, 2011