08 June 2011

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With conditions Delhi Police give permission to Anna Hazare to go on fast

With conditions Delhi Police give permission to
Anna Hazare to go on fast

After the beating episode of Baba Ramdev and eviction of Baba Ramdev and his supporters from Ramleela ground now Police gave permission to Anna Hazare and his supporters to go on fast at Rajghat in protest against the eviction of yoga guru Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Maidan.

Police told Anna to shift their location after that Anna and his team shifted the venue of Wednesday's fast from Jantar Mantar to Rajghat.

Dharmendra Kumar, special commissioner of police (law and order) said that
We have given them permission and made adequate security arrangements for the same

The police gave permission to Anna Hazare to go on fast between 10am and 6pm on Wednesday on condition that the number of persons joining him should not exceed the "capacity of the venue" which is estimated to be a little more than 1,000.

RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal declared that the civil society members would surely attend the next meeting to be held on June 15

UN Convention against Corruption requires that any public servant falling in the definition of ‘public official’ in Article 2(a) is covered by this Lokpal Bill.

“This definition clearly includes the prime minister, judges, all MPs as well as all officials irrespective of their rank.
Article 3 of the convention provides for investigation and prosecution of their corruption apart from freezing, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds of their corruption.

Article 6(2) requires that the anti-corruption body which is responsible for the above be independent,”

Civil society wants live telecast of the drafting committee meetings but still government is not ready.

“The civil society members do not have any hesitation in expressing their opinion freely if it were telecast.

Why should the Government members have a problem in expressing their free opinion publicly?”

Only dishonesty wants to discuss the plans in a black room or behind closed curtains.

Honesty has no fear; if someone is honest he won’t fear to talk openly.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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