07 June 2011

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Understanding Politics of Anna Hazare, Ramdev Baba Corruption and Political Parties –

Understanding Politics of Anna Hazare, Ramdev Baba Corruption
and Political Parties –

What is exactly happening in India currently?

Let us try to understand what is happening?

Anna Hazare represents common Indian Citizens.

Ramdev Baba represents common Indian citizens.

More than sixty years Indian citizens lived like slaves and today also we are living like slaves.

Indians are afraid to go on road, may be few are afraid; few are selfish, few think about their jobs and families, thus no one ready to go on road or talk against the wrong policies of government of India.

First of all we must understand all the political parties are same, their names are different but their aims, objects and desires everything is same.

From A to Z all the political parties are same with only one object to rule the India.

After arrival of Internet in the life of common man the people started to express themselves.

When Anna Hazare went to Delhi government thought no one will support Anna and in one week Anna will go empty handed from Delhi.

Anna went to Delhi with the cause of Lokpal Bill and corruption.

Government ignored Anna but when Government saw the huge support of Young Generation and educated class to the Anna.

After that political parties used different tricks so that the Anna will lose the support.
But all the political parties failed in that attempt.
Then Government left with no option but to form the drafting committee to draft a Lokpal Bill.

This was the first victory of Common Indian Man against corruption and political parties of India.

But I still doubt that we will get the strong Lokpal in India.
I do not have any hope.
If we want strong Lokpal Bill we must support Anna Hazare so much that political parties will think twice before rejecting demands of Anna.

Every demand of Anna is right and good for the benefit of India.
Government should not reject a single demand of civil society members.

Political parties of India are not used to see the common man on Road with demands.

Thus common Indian citizens entered the exclusive land of or say exclusive territory of Political Parties.
Domain of political parties to agitate for their parties and for their own selfish cause.

Then Ramdev started his moment and demands against corruption.

Ramdev Baba also got the same huge support from Indians.

But Ramdev Baba made mistakes. His demands were not consistent.
He even invited some objectional persons on his table to sit with him while demanding the laws against corruption.

This time also government tried that Ramdev Baba did not go on strike but he went on strike, political parties tried to defame Ramdev Baba.
But still Ramdev baba got support.

But Ramdev baba made mistake Ramdev and Government made a deal on Friday but Ramdev Baba kept it secret up to Saturday evening.

Government released the letter signed by Ramdev Babas assistant.

After that also Ramdev Baba got the support of Indians as today Indians are educated and know and understand that we must support the cause and fight against corruption.

The cause is important and not the person who is going on Road to fight against corruption

What we can not do it Ramdev Baba is doing it?

Put your hand on your heart and ask the question what Ramdev Baba or Anna Hazare is doing can you do it?

No we can not we are afraid of police danda.

Danda means stick.

Now the question is why police took the action on sleeping Indians?

The reason is that we are still not independent, in 1948 only transfer of power happened from British People to Indians.
Then our own Indians became the kings of India.

What happened in Ramleela ground was more brutal than Jalianwala Baug.

That time people were not sleeping, he was outsider he was not Indian who ordered firing.

But today this happened in Indian, our own people brutally were evicted from ground.
Who was sleeping on the grounds?

Were they terrorist?
Do you think it was the terrorist camp where some baba was giving training to terrorist to fight against government?

No it was not terrorist camp,
On that ground innocent Indians were sleeping who were demanding good laws for the benefit of India.

Is it crime to demand a good law from government?

Its not a crime but today also we Indians are slaves and our laws are not good.
Our laws protect the rich and mighty.

We need to bring amendments we need to change our system.

This incident has clearly shown that political parties want to send a message among common man and common Indian citizens that
If you will come on road we will beat you like animals.
We will treat you like animals.

The message has gone, but one should remember that British people also tried this but they failed.

And one day they transferred their power to Indians and left India

Political parties are afraid that common man is learning to come on road demanding justice.

How much they try it now common Indian man has started awaken from the sleep of more than sixty years.

If government does not improve one day India will also see the Happenings of Tahir Sqare.

Now you can not fool the Indians on the name of religion and caste and divide Hindu and Muslim.

As everyone is poor and is facing same problems.

There is no excuse and no reason to beat the sleeping Indians.

This is the beginning of fight against corrupt political parties and corrupt people.

So now on when you will go on road demanding good laws remember the incident and be ready to get danda on your ass and on your legs.

The incident has clearly shown that Yes we are still not independent we are the slaves of Political Machinery.

Understand this truth and always support the cause even if you do not like the person if his cause is good and just support him.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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Rama Ananth June 07, 2011  

There is full support to Anna Hazare from all Indians.
But to expect support for Ramdev and his bizare demands is meaningless. He tried to run away shivering like a coward in salwar kurta, leaving his supporters stranded there to face the consequences. Who is going to pay compensation for all the injured and for the things that were lost by the people who came to show their support to him?
He has money and resources to organise a big pandal, but no one has come forward from his organisation to offer any compensation.
He is sitting somewhere safe with protection. While things were going fine for him he said the government can come and arrest all of them, that they were all ready to fill up the jails.
Leaders like Anna or Gandhi or for that matter no patriotic leader fighting for a cause with such a huge gathering would leave like coward. What can happen to him, they would just arrest him, anyway they did arrest him despite his efforts to hoodwink the police. One thing that people should understand is that Yoga and politics cannot be clubbed together like his weird demands which were clubbed together. One must have some maturity in placing demands drafted out properly.
The BJP should keep its mouth shut as it doesn't have the guts to remove the Karanataka Chief Minister, the whole party is corrupt.
We must all come up with some other way to fight this govertment effectively, without loss of more lives.
The present Congress government must be shown to the door mercilessly.

sm,  June 07, 2011  

Thanks for your comment regarding Baba Ramdev.
I will answer to your comment also
Please go through this article
Know the demands of Baba Ramdev and Analysis of demands of
Baba Ramdev

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 07, 2011  

Now, the government is saying that they can pass the bill without Anna Hazare. Then why call him in the first place? Only because there was hot pressure from the people. Now that the pressure is cooling down, they say we don't need you.

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 07, 2011  

Why are you afraid of people? Are you not there for 5 years? Do what you think is appropriate and do not do what is not.
Elections are far away.

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 07, 2011  

Kapil Sibal had dubious role in the issues with Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.

He supports satyagraha, then retracts conveniently. He puts legal issues to sadhus to confuse them. Later he confuses people. He calls sadhus as RSS. A typical Pakistani like comment.

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 07, 2011  

Anna Hazare is called a RSS man by government. The government is too Pakistani!

A king (Digvijay Singh) asks to investigate into Babaji's background. Hell is the destination for all such souls who disturbs a sadhu.

Destination Infinity June 07, 2011  

One or two people cannot bring about a revolution when the whole of India wants to hold on to their secure jobs and secure homes and not take the slightest of the risks. And there is no point to enact a law for namesake as long as the rich and powerful can find their ways around it.

Destination Infinity

sm,  June 08, 2011  


sm,  June 08, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,
Yes we must support the right demand.
unity is important.

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 08, 2011  

Many people claim Babaji is a tantric and a killer. Government does nothing. Everybody knows Kasab is a killer. Government does nothing.

Anna Hazare is doing a fast today. Against government inaction.

sm,  June 08, 2011  


sm,  June 13, 2011