10 June 2011

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Rs. 1100 Crore property declared by Ramdev Baba

Rs. 1100 Crore property declared by Ramdev Baba

Ramdev Baba declared his assets and properties –

Acharya Balkrishna declared that Ramdev Baba Empire is worth 1177 Crore.
Baba Ramdev only revealed wealth accumulated in trusts exempted under Income tax laws.
Ramdev Baba Properties Net worth –

1. The Divyaoga Mandir Trust has a capital base of Rs 249.63 crores

2. The Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust has Rs 164.80 crores

3. Bharat Swabhiman Trust has Rs 9.97 crores

4. Acharya Kulumbh Siskhshan Sansthan has a capital base of Rs 1.69 crores

All totaling Rs 426.19 Crore.
The exependiture outlined for these trusts since their inception came to Rs 751.02 Crore.

But Baba Ramdev has not given the details of 30 companies which are owned by Ramdev Baba.
Balakrishna right hand of Ramdev Baba did not give details of the companies associated with Ramdev, saying it can be obtained from Registrar of Companies under the RTI Act.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

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SANDEEP PANWAR June 10, 2011  

इसने तो अपनी जायदाद के बारे में बता दिया,
अब ये नेता कब बतायेंगे?

कीर्ती,  June 10, 2011  

जनता का जोर मजबूर कर रहा है कि सब अपनी जायदाद के बारे में बताऐ. वह दिन दूर नहीं जब नेताओ को भी जनता के जोर से बताना होगा.

sm,  June 10, 2011  

जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर),,

sm,  June 10, 2011  


Destination Infinity June 10, 2011  

OMG, he is a rich yoga teacher!

sm,  June 11, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

KR,  June 14, 2011  

Ram Dev is not Dev but a looter

Azh,  June 14, 2011  

How can Ram Dev fight against corruption when he himself is most corrupt person.

sm,  June 15, 2011  

KR thanks.
Azh thanks.

Basic question ask yourself do you think a criminal person has right to demand a justice or not?
Do you think a bad person has a right or no right to demand a good government and good law and justice system?

Azh,  June 15, 2011  

Thanks Sm,

Basically Ram Dev is Performing a stage drama. Why he is not thinking this when he is receiving 50000 Rs for one session. He should be made accountable for this

sm,  June 15, 2011  

As per my information Ramdev baba is paying taxes.
No tax case pending or no criminal case is registered against Ramdev Baba.
Ramdev Baba is making money yes I agree.

But Every Indian has got a right to demand a good or bad law from government of India servants.
Now it is in our hand to support good law or bad law demanded by any human.

rashmiranjan mahapatra,  June 17, 2011  

can the politician declare the list of their propoty.i thought they can't.because what is the propoty of our country it should be double to the propoty of the all politician...

sm,  June 17, 2011  

rashmiranjan mahapatra,,

bharat bachav samiti,  August 24, 2012  

Saabhi halkat hai,
wo ramdev baba ko kaho apna kaam kar tu jo logo ko lut raha hai wo loot le
Mere bharat ka har aadmi balwan hai jo abhi tak udhar dhyan nahi de rahe jis din ye dhyan denge samjho kaymat aajayegi

Sushil May 03, 2014  

It's only in his statement under the income tax law , just assume how much property would be in reality?