06 June 2011

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Goa - Foreigners Banned in Mahalasa Narayani Temple and Mangueshi Temple imposes Dress code on foreigners

Goa - Foreigners Banned in Mahalasa Narayani Temple
and Mangueshi Temple imposes Dress code on foreigners

Goa Temple authorities laid down a strict dress code for foreigners and few Goa Temple authorities have banned the entry to foreigners in temples.

Goa Mardol –
Mahalasa Narayani Temple – This temple is nearly 20 Km from Panji.
The temple has put up a board stating that "Entry Restricted for Foreign Tourists.
Vinod Kamat, President, Mahalasa Narayani Temple said that "We are not against foreigners, but their dresses and conduct in the temple is highly objectionable, so the management has decided to ban them.

Goa - Mangueshi village
Mangueshi Temple is located near the Mahalasa temple has imposed dress restrictions.
The temple president, Jayant Mandurkar, said the dress code was same for both
domestic as well as foreign tourists.
He said that Tourists sometimes wear short skirts, shorts and other dresses when visiting the temple.
Further he added that they have informed about dress code to the tourism department.

Ralf D'Souza, President, Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) said that
This will not impact the tourist flow. In fact, all over world, there are dress codes for visiting religious places.

God does not look the dress; God sees what is in your soul.
When someone comes to earth, no one comes into this world wearing dresses.

God has no objection and god is in our heart we do not need to visit temples or any other religious place to meet god.

God is in you and God is in me, so how can your dress become dirty when you are God.

Hindu culture says that the visitor is a God, how can you demand the dress code for the God.

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Monday, June 06, 2011

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Usha June 07, 2011  

sm, I am surprised to read this restriction for foreigners...agree with your thought that God sees what is in your soul.
Why now and why for foreigners? Indian dressing style has undergone lot of changes and skirts and shorts are quite common now-a-days.Most Foreigners come to visit with deep devotion and we must respect them. Some times Indian dressing patterns can be more provocative than simple skirts and shorts.

sm June 07, 2011  


Kirtivasan Ganesan June 09, 2011  

Cameras are banned in temple.

So may I suggest what you do not want to be photographed in, do not wear it in temple.

sm,  June 09, 2011  


Tech 4 News June 17, 2012  

it is much desireable to impose in temples all over india