11 May 2011

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Who is Poor in India As per Planning commission and Government of India.

Who is Poor in India As per Planning commission and Government of India

Planning Commission told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that a city dweller cannot be termed poor if his average monthly spends exceed Rs 31 on rent and conveyance, Rs 18 on education, Rs 25 on medicines or Rs 36.5 on vegetables. I t said these were the average monthly expenditure levels per capita across the country it was using to decide the official 'poverty line'

The government's eligibility criteria for the rural poor is even more stringent.
If a villager spends more than Rs 15 a day he is not poor, according to the Plan panel's statisticians

The commission has declared that only 41.8% of the rural population is poor and a mere 25.7% of the urban Indians need food, shelter and social benefits from the government.

What this ration means how and it will affect the Indian citizens?
Anyone spending more than half American dollar that is Rs. 15 and Rs.20 will be denied subsidized food, accommodation, pensions and medical treatment targeted at the BPL population.

If Indian citizens can live daily by earning half a American dollar then why Politicians get there salaries increased?

Accept the truth that we the Politicians of India made this country the beggar country and we are ashamed to accept this truth.

Jai Ho slum dogs

This is the reality of India, our nation is robbed by 30% Indians and 70% Indians are suffering.

Now when you will compare the poverty line of America, UK and Germany you will realize that 90% Indians are beggars as per there standards and Poverty line rations.

In Germany the poverty level is a yearly income of 9,100 euro ($US 11, 400) for a single person. If any person has a yearly salary below this then that single person is considered as living below poverty line in Germany.
Using this measurement, 11 percent of the population lives in poverty in Germany.
9100 euro = 5,46,000 Indian Rupees .

An urban Indian spending more than Rs 578 a month roughly Rs 20 a day on all his basic needs cannot be termed poor and would not receive social benefits and subsidies given by the Centre to BPL citizens, the Planning Commission has said.

I hope few politicians will spend a month by showing us Indians how to live daily in Rs.20.

I hope any Reality TV show will get this idea and start a reality show where contestants will be given daily Rs.20 and will be told to live as they want.
They should even invite Politicians and Bollywood stars.

The Reality Show will be super hit.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Jon May 11, 2011  

superb post...its good tht u post so many relevant issues

Kirtivasan,  May 12, 2011  

You lower the definition of poor and India improves in poverty removal.

The Food Corporation of India is responsible for the terrible increase in inflation. Many people will disagree as FCI is seen as a benevolent organisation. But the truth is they are the ones. Or rather the inaction on their part.

sm,  May 12, 2011  


Pradeep,  May 16, 2011  

Very good post and thought provoking. Wish one day we all start asking questions to our govt..... Very very god job brother

sm,  May 17, 2011