02 May 2011

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Time Line of How USA Planned and Navy Seal Killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Time Line of How USA Planned and Navy Seal Killed Osama Bin Laden in
Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Three senior administration officials briefed reporters late Sunday night.
The operation was the culmination of years of careful and highly advanced intelligence work

After 9/11 the CIA chased several leads about bin Laden's inner circle, paying particular attention to his couriers.

According to the National Journal, one courier's pseudonym was repeatedly mentioned by those detained by the U.S. He was said to be one of bin Laden's most trusted, a protégé of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and trusted assistant to Abu Faraj al Libbi, al-Qaida's third highest-ranking official before his capture in 2005.While at first they had no luck figuring out his true identity, the BBC reports four years ago they caught a break. They figured out his true and identity and two years later, they found the rough location where the courier and his brother lived in Pakistan.

August 2010 –
America got the Tip Yes mansion is related with Taliban and Osama.
American CIA intelligence agents found the Compound and suspected that Osama may be hiding there. In August 2010, the intelligence agencies found the exact compound where this courier was living, in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The compound was 8 times larger than the other homes around it. It was built in 2005
There were extraordinary security measures at the compound, including 12 to 18 foot walls topped with barbed wire.
Internal sections were walled off from the rest of the compound.
There were two security gates.
The residents burned their trash. The main building had few windows.
The compound, despite being worth over $1 million, had no telephone or internet service.
"Intelligence officials concluded that this compound was custom built to hide someone of significance,"

In September 2010, the Guardian reported the CIA presented President Obama with their findings, showing bin Laden could be hiding in the compound in northwest Pakistan.

February 2011 CIA confirmed yes it’s a hide out of Osama bin laden.

After this President Obama took 9 meetings with national security principals about this operation

The principals met 5 times without the president

Their deputies met 7 times

ABC News reported that the principals' meetings were held on March 14, March 29, April 12, April 19 and April 28.

On April 29 2011 America got the Intel that Yes Osama is there 100%
Confirmed Intel

Friday, April 29 2011 - 8.20 AM America Time
Emergency meeting was called and held in White House's Diplomatic Room.
The meeting was attended by President Obama, Donilon, his deputy Denis McDonough, and counterterrorism advisor John Brennan. Donilon prepared the formal orders.
The final decision to go forward with the operation was made at 8:20 AM on Friday, April 29

On Sunday, Obama went to play golf in the morning at Andrews Air Force Base.
Principals again met in white house after 1 PM and stayed there all day long.

At 3.32 PM - President Obama went to the situation room for another briefing.

At 3:50 President was told that bin Laden was identified.

At 7:01 Obama was told once again yes target is Osama bin laden.

At 8:30 Obama got the final briefing.

Mission Started –

It involved flights from an Afghanistan base by four Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters, one of which suffered mechanical failure and made a hard landing within the compound.

Early Morning American Navy Seal started there mission.
On Sunday, US forces said to be from the elite Navy Seal Team Six undertook the operation in Abbottabad, 100km (62 miles) north-east of Islamabad.
It was later destroyed by the commandos.
About 40 troops, largely Navy SEALs, were involved, with 24 rappelling into the compound from the hovering Chinooks. Officials said the firefight was fierce and significant.
The U.S. troops gave Osama what was described as a brief opportunity to surrender before firing several times, at least once into the head. During the operation, a photo of his face was transmitted to analysts, who confirmed the identification.
US officials said Bin Laden was shot in the head after resisting.

Three other adult males died in the 40-minute raid, believed to be Bin Laden's adult son and the two unidentified couriers. One unidentified woman also died as she was being used as a human shield by one of the dead men.
All Americans left safely, loading Bin Laden's body onto the choppers that had landed outside.

One helicopter was lost.
One resident, Nasir Khan, told Reuters the helicopters had come under "intense firing" from the ground.

Another U.S. official told CNN that bin Laden has already been buried at sea. The official said his body was handled in the Islamic tradition, but did not elaborate.

According to Pentagon officials, photos of Bin Laden's dead face do exist but those widely distributed on the Internet are fake.

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May 2, 2011

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chitra May 02, 2011  

I wonder how those choppers entered the place and then firing. didn't anyone notice what was happening?

SM May 02, 2011  

This is reason its very difficult to digest Pakistan did not knew about it.

Bikramjit Singh Mann May 02, 2011  

And pakistan had been maintaining that he was not in Pakistan for all this time.

I wonder what Pak is going ot come out with the excuse how cum ISI did not know about this .. Lots of questions ..

And american helicoper broght down.. the americans are not RAMBO after all :) and they are not that good as they are made out to be .. But in the end a good result , Bin laden had to be caught or killed he was the figure head of al Qieda if this makes any difference to the terrorism actiivity I doubt but this was required after the 9/11 and then the British bombing and then Bali bombings ...

Good result though it took so many years by the so called Best intelligence agency ...


Usha May 03, 2011  

sm, thanks for briefing entire kill operation of Bin Laden. Entire world is eased to know that biggest Terror soul is Dead. One decade was too long period that he made world suffer in so many ways. Amazing operation by American forces. I wish they capture more wanted on the list and break vicious Terror network..New details are still coming..I will watch your blog. Thanks for your efforts in keeping us up-to-date.

sm,  May 03, 2011  

Bikramjit Singh Mann,,

sm,  May 03, 2011  


Teamgsquare May 03, 2011  

Amazing coverage , So many questions unanswered

sm,  May 03, 2011  

Team G Square,,

shivkumar alur,  May 12, 2011  

pakistan ex chief shouts that soveriegnity of pakistan trespass of navy seals but military man never spoke about bin ladens entry into pakistan. because ladan was pakistanis honorable guest

sm,  May 13, 2011  

shivkumar alur,,