22 May 2011

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Tennessee State Senate Passed a Foolish bill Approves Ban on Teaching and discussing about Homosexuality in schools

Tennessee State Senate Passed a Foolish bill Approves
Ban on Teaching and discussing about Homosexuality in schools

Friday –
Tennessee Senate passed a bill which will forbid public school teachers and students in grades kindergarten through eight from discussing about gay nature and homosexuality.

Sponsored by state Sen. Stacey Campfield (R), who unsuccessfully pushed the same measure for six years while serving in the House, the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill would make it illegal for educators to discuss any sexual behavior apart from heterosexuality with students in kindergarten up through the eighth grade.

In year 2012 this may become a law the bill isn't likely to be taken up by the House before lawmakers adjourn this spring, but the sponsor there has said he would push it forward in 2012 when the General Assembly comes back for the second year of the session.

After this Tennessee will become the first state to enact such legislation, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

As per this bill any instruction or materials at a public elementary or middle school would be limited to age-appropriate lessons about the science of human reproduction.

Following is the original language of bill which later they modified or say amended it keeping same meaning.
No elementary or middle schools will "provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality."

But what teacher will do if any young student will ask the teacher about Gay or Homosexuality?

Is it not the duty of the teacher to explain him properly about homosexuality or should he say to the young students
Go sit down you are not allowed to get that knowledge.

This is the wastage of American tax payer’s money by Senate.

For me Teacher is the person after parents whom students should trust and it is the duty of teacher to inform school kids the correct knowledge in the era of Internet when with one click all the doors open giving wrong as well as right information.

At young age it should be the duty of school to provide correct information to school students.

Even if this becomes the law it will get challenged by the parents of Gay boys because it’s the discrimination for them.
The American first amendment is so powerful the court will strike it down proving that the Politicians wasted the Tax payer’s money and time by discussing this bill.

This is another example of foolish Politicians who waste the taxpayer’s money.

Reality views by sm –
Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Joseph Pulikotil May 22, 2011  

Hi SM,

This ban is in the right direction. It is not good to pollute little chidren's mind with such things.

Best wishes,

sm,  May 22, 2011  

Joseph Pulikotil,,
What will teacher do if any boy is gay?
what will teacher do if any young boy will ask Sir
what is the meaning of Homosexuality?
Sir what is the meaning of Gay?

What should be the answer of Teacher?