06 May 2011

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SC issue contempt of court notice to Sahara CEO Subrato Roy in connection with 2G spectrum Scam

SC issue contempt of court notice to Sahara CEO Subrato Roy
in connection with 2G spectrum Scam –

Supreme Court has issued notice to Sahara group chief Subrata Roy for initiating contempt proceedings against him for allegedly interfering with the investigation in the 2G spectrum case.
The Supreme Court has accepted that the Sahara Group tried to intervene in the investigations into the 2G spectrum scam.

Supreme Court issued notices to two journalists, Upendra Rai and Subodh Jain, for allegedly threatening and blackmailing Enforcement Directorate's Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh who is probing the 2G spectrum case.

A bench of justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly also banned Sahara India news network and its sister concerns from publishing and broadcasting any story or programme relating to Rajeshwar Singh in response to 25 questions sent by Subodh Jain to ED official.

Currently Enforcement Directorate is investigating alleged violations of foreign exchange rules and money-laundering by companies linked to the 2G spectrum Scam.

The Enforcement Directorate complained to the Supreme Court that Sahara threatened to use its media power to run negative stories that would damage the credibility of the officer in question who is investigating.

While Hearing Supreme Court said that There is no doubt about the threat to the investigating officer and has asked the Sahara Group to respond to the allegations within six weeks.

According to Enforcement Directorate officials Sahara group may be financially linked through a 150-crore loan to Swan Telecom.

In 2G scam Swan Telecom is one of the accused companies who benefited.
Vinod Goenka and Shahid Balwa pramotors of the Swan Telecom are in jail.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

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