23 May 2011

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Motilal Jain Paid donation Pedder Road Activity High school denied admission to Class I to Kunal Jain Demanded More donation

Motilal Jain Paid donation Pedder Road Activity High school
denied admission to Class I to Kunal Jain Demanded More donation

South Mumbai institution Activity High School at Pedder Road demanded donation from Motilal Jain to give his six year old son Kunal Jain.

school is affiliated to the ICSE board.

In 2007 Motilal Jain went to the school for his son's admission in Montessori.
But school denied the admission to Kunal Jain.

Later School called Motilal Jain and demanded donation of Rs.2.5 Lakh for admission.
After that Motilal Jain paid donation of Rs. 2.5 lakh and fees for the year.

In 2008 the principal, Perin Bagli informed the Motilal Jain the father of Kunal Jain that
Kunal can not study further in the school because there were too many
students and less space.

After that principal, Perin Bagli told Motilal Jain that if he pays the expenses of repairing the roof of the school building, she would recommend my child to the school's trust and there was a possibility that they would not cancel his admission.
Fearing that Kunal will lose his admission Motilal Jain paid the expenses of construction work and spent Rs. 1.25 Lakh.

Again in October 2010 principal, Perin Bagli informed and demanded Rs.3 Lakh For the school function.

This time Motilal Jain said that he can not afford to pay Rs. 3 Lakh hearing this principal, Perin Bagli became very angry and told jain that he would have to face the consequences.

October 28 2010 Jain got the letter informing him that Kunal would not be promoted to Standard I and was being denied admission to the primary section.

The letter stated that We regret to inform you that your child Kunal Jain,
studying in Montessori V, will not be able to continue with us beyond Pre-First from March 2011, as mentioned in the admission form and duly signed by you.'

principal, Perin Bagli even insulted Urmila Jain the mother of Kunal and told her that get out from school and take the admission of her son into BMC school.

Principal even said that morons should not come knocking at her door and that she would not admit children whose parents were uneducated.

S K Desai, headmistress, pre-primary section, Activity High School, said, "The child, Kunal Jain, was denied an admission because there was no space for him in standard I.
If the Right to Education Act says no child should be denied an admission, it also states that one class should not have more than 65 students. Admission was denied to
other kids as well. We did not ask Jain for any donation during his child's Montessori admission or now. The allegation that we did not admit Kunal because his parents
are uneducated is baseless."
"I am not denying that Jain bore the expenses for repairing the roof, but we did not ask him to do it in the form of a donation. He said he would do whatever the school
wanted for his child's admission and so he carried out the roof work at his own expense, as we don't accept donations. Kunal was denied admission also because he used
foul language in class and disturbed other students," she said. Perin Bagli, principal of Activity High School, was out of the country and could not be reached for comment.

Kunal has studied in the pre-primary section of Activity High School, the school is supposed to give him admission to the primary section.

Now Motilal Jain has written letters of complaint to the Human
Resource Development Ministry, Department of School Education and Literacy, Education Minister, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Home Minister RR
Patil, the Mumbai Police Commissioner, the Anti-Corruption Bureau and BMC's education department.

Again this shows that Right to education Act failed as it got loopholes and no punishment and responsibility.

Motilal Jain should file the Police Complainant as well as he should file the Private Complaint in Court of Law for speedy Justice.

Police station may or may not proceed fast but after getting directions and orders from the court they will take action.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

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Arti May 23, 2011  

Such things have become so rampant in India that I feel sorry...
Great post...

kiran sawhney May 23, 2011  

Is Motilal saying the truth or the Principal? Who decides?

Destination Infinity May 23, 2011  

Shocking - It clearly shows that once money is given in the name of donation, people can be harassed further.

Destination Infinity

sm,  May 23, 2011  


sm,  May 23, 2011  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,
Yes it’s very easy to prove that he paid donation.
2nd is India has passed the right to education act,
How can school deny admission to Kunal when he was past student of same School?

If there was a lack of space then why first they gave the admission to Kunal?

Every school knows how many students they can accommodate?

How come now Kunal became the extra student of school?

sm,  May 23, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

rahul,  May 25, 2011  

great post

Anonymous,  May 26, 2011  

The Motilal should understand that everybody wants their children to study in ICSE school. And many of them are willing to pay donation also.

The Motilal should understand what is education? Education is what Rabindranath Tagore talked about. Music is education. Painting is education. Poetry is education. Not just engineers and doctors. They are for career.

I am sure the school which has asked Kunal to leave should be forced to take him in in crucial 9th class or 10th class.How? By merit in Kunal. Maybe art. Maybe dance. Maybe music.

Motilal should understand that only Kunal and his potential can fetch him the school. Not money power.