01 May 2011

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Fast unto Death against corruption 3 Citizens Arrested by Police –

Fast unto Death against corruption 3 Citizens Arrested by Police –

An 80-year-old man and his two sons, on a fast-unto-death protest against corruption at mini secretariat here were today arrested, police said.

According to police, DSP Rajeshwar Singh had gone to meet Jit Ram and his sons -- Mohan and Sohan, and inquire their grievances.

When police tried to remove them from the government property, they allegedly scuffled with them after which the trio was arrested, they said.

This is the reason we need to support Anna Hazare, we common Indian citizens have no rights, no backup and no Indian will come to save us.

We are all selfish or Coward or afraid of Police Danda that is Stick.

In my last post I have said that if we common citizens try to do fast against corruption we will get arrested or we may end up getting danda on our every part.

As still we are the slaves of our political system.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

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Sandhya May 01, 2011  

What you say is right, sm! If we commoners try to fast against corruption, we might get arrested. If an important or even slightly famous person does, the media glare will be there and police will be careful while handling the situation.

In Tamilnadu, during the election, many booths didn't have 49 'O' form, but some had. A few thousands had used them. Junior Vikatan, a famous Tamil weekly says that these people were 'enquired' later by the local police! Somebody has filed a case against this, now!

Ours is a democratic country!

sm,  May 01, 2011  


Anonymous,  May 01, 2011  

yeah it is true! common man has no real power. just because we get to vote for the leaders of our choice it does not mean we all the power vested in us. and that is bad! just not democracy!!! i just wish things could change! :|

sm,  May 01, 2011  


Destination Infinity May 01, 2011  

Common man is vulnerable. But such episodes make them harder and make them learn how to tackle such things...

Destination Infinity

sm,  May 01, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,