03 May 2011

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Details about Geronimo-E KIA Navy Seal operation Osama Terminated Mission

Details about Geronimo-E KIA Navy Seal operation Osama Terminated Mission

It’s believed that President Obama and his team watch the complete mission in real time with other officials How Navy Seal entered and killed the terror man Osama bin laden.

Navy Seal when go on mission they got small cameras installed on their helmet. Thus live broadcasting is possible.

Geronimo was the code name for the operation that sent two teams of 12 SEALS zooming by Blackhawk helicopters to a walled compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan, on Sunday to kill or capture the most wanted man in the world.

Geronimo-E KIA what is the meaning of this code –

Geronimo meant that Nave seal located and found the terror man Osama Bin Laden.

E stood for enemy and KIA for killed in action.

Geronimo-E KIA meant that Navy Seal has terminated the enemy Osama Bin Laden.

The force that swooped down on the world's most wanted terrorist has been identified as SEAL Team Six of the "Naval Special Warfare Development Group."

In April, the Navy Seals ran two practice runs at the replica compound they built in the United States to practice the raid.

The operation was authorized Friday morning and was originally planned for Saturday night, but on Friday, for weather reasons, it was pushed to Sunday.

U.S. helicopters entered into Pakistan low to the ground and undetected.

Four helicopters swooped in to the compound and the Navy Seals fought a close quarter’s gun battle. They ordered bin Laden to surrender, but the 54-year-old who had vowed he would not be caught alive, refused. He was then shot dead. His son, Khalid, was also killed in the raid.

After a 40-minute search of the compound, punctuated by firefights, bin Laden was dead, and the cryptic "Geronimo-E KIA" code sent relief through the White House.

When the gunfire stopped, the SEALS quickly moved to determine his identity.
Two of the women at the compound identified him and the military flew bin Laden's body to Jalalabad, Afghanistan to have his DNA tested for positive identification.
SEALS measured the corpse and determined it to be over 6- feet-4.
They then transmitted photographs back to CIA headquarters and agency analysts conducted facial recognition analysis.
Their report concluded it was a 90 to 95 percent match.

Bin Laden's DNA was matched with at least two of his relatives, including one of his sisters who died in Boston and whose brain was kept by the United States.
The result came back as a 99.9 percent match.

Bin Laden's body was then flown to the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, officials told ABC News and he was buried at sea. The burial was done in accordance with Islamic law, officials said, although there has since been dispute over that. A Muslim seaman conducted the process and said the prayers, with bin Laden's body wrapped in the "appropriate way" with a white sheet.

How the Osama Bin Laden was buried by American forces?
An official said that "Traditional procedures for Islamic burial were followed,"
Religious rites were carried out on the deck of a US aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson. The body, shrouded in a white sheet and placed in a weighted bag, was then positioned on a flat board, tipped up, and eased into the Arabian Sea.

This occurred at 0600GMT, approximately 12 hours after the firefight during which Osama Bin Laden was shot in the head.

US officials have given two reasons why a sea burial was chosen. First, that they did not want his grave to become a shrine. Second, that there was no time to negotiate with other countries to arrange a possible burial on land.

USA Administration officials are now trying to decide whether to release photos of bin Laden's corpse.
Releasing the photos would prove that the terror leader is dead, but some officials fear the gruesome nature of the pictures could fan anti-American sentiment.

President Obama praised the anonymous heroes who tracked and killed bin Laden, saying, "We are fortunate to have Americans who dedicate their lives" to defending our country.

"We may not always know their names, we may not always know their stories, but they are always there on the front lines of freedom and we are truly blessed," Obama said in a White House ceremony to honor Medal of Honor winners.

The next target for the United States is likely to be the number two in al Qaeda's chain of command, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Zawahiri, an Egyptian doctor, helped found al Qaeda along with bin Laden.

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