31 May 2011

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31 Facts and complete details of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet

31 Facts and complete details of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet – Contender for the India’s MMRCA 11$ Billion deal

Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the bidders in the Indian MRCA competition, worth $11 billion, to supply the Indian Air Force with 126 "Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft".

On 27 April 2011
The Ministry of Defense, the Government of India announced that the Eurofighter and French Rafael are only in the Race for MMRCA deal.

Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet is built by British Aerospace, DASA, CASA, and Alenia.

The Eurofighter concept has been conceived since the beginning as a multi-role/swing-role platform that would meet the exacting operational demands of the air forces of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The construction of the first Typhoon prototypes began in 1989
A programme milestone was reached in December 1997 when the Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) covering Production and Support was signed by the four defense ministers of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom at Bonn.

April 1994 -
DA2 makes its first flight from Warton , England

March 1994 -
The first Eurofighter, DA1 makes its first flight from Manching , Germany

June 1995 -
DA3 makes its first flight from Caselle , Italy

August 1996 -
DA6 makes its first flight from Seville , Spain . This is the first two-seater version of the aircraft

December 1997 -
Euro fighter’s first flight with large external stores and the first missile test firing of a Sidewinder AIM-9L and the release of an AIM-120 AMRAAM Euro fighter’s first flight at Mach 2.0

The Defense Ministers of the UK , Germany , Spain , and Italy sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Bonn , covering Production Investment and Production and Logistic Support

January 1998 -
Eurofighter GmbH and NETMA sign the Production Investment, Production and Support contracts for 620 Eurofighter aircraft for the air forces of the UK , Germany , Italy and Spain

November 2004

Eurofighter Typhoon IPA 2 successfully completes the first night-time Air-to-Air refueling exercises.

Currently which Countries are using Euro fighter Typhoon jet?
1. Austria were Eurofighter Typhoon’s first export customer, ordering 15 aircraft plus training, logistics and maintenance.
2. Saudi Arabia bought 72 Euro fighter Typhoon Jet
3. Germany – 143 Jets
4. Italy – 96 Jets
5. Spain – 73 Jets
6. United Kingdom – 160 Jets

Following are the features of Eurofighter Typhoon jet.
Factsheet – Eurofighter Typhoon Jet

Brakes off to 35,000ft / M1.5 - < 2.5 minutes

Brakes off to lift off - <8 sec (Full Internals and Missiles)

At low level, 200Kts to Mach 1 - 30 sec

Supercruise capability and Dry Power Acceleration from Sub to >Supersonic

Maximum Speed -Max 2.0 -

Operational Runway Lengh - <700m(2,297ft)-

G" limits - +9/-3 "g' -

Height - 5.28m (17ft 4in)-

Power Plants 2 Eurojet EJ200, reheated tubofans max thrust each > of 90kn (20,000 lbs)

Wing Span - 10.95m (35ft 11in)

Wing Aspect Ratio - 2:205

Length (Overall)- 15.96m (52ft 4in)

Height - 5.28m (17ft 4in)

Wings (Gross)- 50.0m2 (538ft2)

Basic Mass (Empty)- 11,000kg (24,250lb)

Maximum - (Take-off) 23,500kg (51,809lb)

The EurofighterTyphoon has thirteen hard points for weapon carriage, four under each wing and five under the fuselage.

For air-to-air combat the standard weapon configuration is four BVRAAM (Beyond Visual Range) Air to Air Missiles, which are mounted in semi-recessed fuselage stations

two Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles, ASRAAMs, on the outer pylons

Air-to-air missiles: AIM-9 Sidewinder , AIM-132 ASRAAM,AIM-120 AMRAAM,IRIS-T,MBDA Meteor, in the future

Bombs:Paveway II/III/Enhanced Paveway series of laser-guided bombs (LGBs),Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM),HOPE/HOSBO

Air-to-surface missiles:AGM-65 Maverick,AGM-88 HARM,Storm Shadow (AKA Scalp EG),Brimstone, Taurus KEPD 350,Penguin,AGM Armiger, in the future

Eurofighter has the capability to carry a range of air-to-surface weapons, including the Brimstone and DWS 37 anti-armour weapons, three under each wing and one under the centre fuselage and laser-guided bombs.

An Armament Control System (ACS) manages weapons selection and firing and monitors weapon status.

The aircraft's electronic warfare suite, the Defensive Aids Sub-System or DASS, is accommodated within the aircraft structure and integrated with aircraft's avionics system.

The aircraft is equipped with a Forward Looking Infra-red, FLIR and an Infra-red Search and Track system, IRSTwhich provides passive target detection and tracking. The IRST sensor operates in both 3 - 5 and 8 - 11 micron spectral bands.

The aircraft is equipped with an ECR 90 multi-mode X-band pulse Doppler radar being developed by the Euro radar industrial consortium. The multi-mode radar has three processing channels. The third channel is used for jammer classification, interference blanking and side lobe nulling. Euro radar is led by the UK Company Marconi Electronic Systems with ENOSA of Spain, FIAR of Italy and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (DASA) of Germany.

The pilot's control system is a VTAS Voice-Throttle-and-Stick system.

The pilot's equipment specific to Eurofighter includes the helmet, a liquid conditioning suit, a pressure breathing anti-g-force vest, a full body nuclear, biological and chemical warfare protection suit and outer garments for various environmental conditions

The Eurofighter is equipped with two Eurojet EJ200 engines, each delivering very high thrust of 90 KN in full reheat and 60 KN in dry power mode.

Crew – One and 2 For Training

Watch the video of Eurofighter Typhoon Performing in Aero India 2011

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