04 April 2011

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Replica of cricket world cup trophy given to Indian Cricket team not original one Media Reports See the world cup trophy Photo and decide it

Replica of cricket world cup trophy given to Indian Cricket team
not original one Media Reports See the world cup
trophy Photo and decide it

Updated on Monday, April 04, 2011 11.10 PM
BCCI accepted original is with customs.

Few Media reports claimed that the world cup trophy given to Indian Cricket team
Was a fake and that the original was lying with the customs in Mumbai over non-payment of duties.

After this ICC issued a statement read as follows –
"Contrary to some erroneous and mischievous media reports, the ICC can confirm that the trophy presented to India at Wankhede Stadium on Saturday was the original ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 trophy and the one that was always intended to be presented to the winner of the event

ICC governing body said that "The trophy seized by Mumbai customs is the promotional, perpetual trophy which remains in the keeping of ICC at its headquarters in Dubai.

It carries the generic ICC corporate logo rather than the logo specific to the 2011 event. That trophy will be reclaimed on Monday and will travel back to Dubai with ICC staff as was always intended

Customs department said that Cup was with them for non-payment of duty of 35 per cent of the original value.

"We will release it after payment of 35 per cent customs duty after its valuation," they told PTI.

ICC was supposed to pay Rs.22 Lakh customs duty for the trophy but they did not pay it and trophy was in the possession of the customs department.

In this world cup ICC got tax exemption of Rs.45 crore, made the profits of more than Rs.600 Crore.

Still ICC did not pay customs duty and saved money.

In Cricket world cup do you think there is national Pride?

Sorry there is no national pride in cricket world cup, law is a law and law must be followed.

Cricket is not our national game?

Social duty and BCCI know any information?

Social duty and ICC know any information?

People like Anna Hajare and Kiran Bedi , Kargil War Heroes, Mumbai war Heroes are our national pride not a cricket trophy and Indian cricket team.

click on photo to see the larger image of Photo

Now see the photo of World cup trophy and decide for yourself which is the real one world cup 2011 Trophy?

Below is the photo showing Australian cricket players with the Original Cricket trophy

Updated on Monday, April 04, 2011 11.10 PM

BCCI admitted Indian Cricket team was not given original cricket world cup trophy.
BCCI's Chief Administrative Officer and the World Cup Tournament director Ratnakar Shetty admitted and accepted that that the real trophy was stuck with Mumbai customs for non-payment of Rs 15 lakh as duty.

Reality views by sm –
Monday, April 04, 2011

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Mohini Puranik April 04, 2011  

Thanks SM, Very very important info and thoughtful too. I was very sad, what 'Nasha' people had for the thing they are being fooled by marketing masters. Nothing wrong in having joy but this is totally abnormal. I really liked this article and shared of FB. too. :)

SM April 04, 2011  


Rakesh Kumar April 04, 2011  

Yes,what you say seems to be correct as is also evident from the photo. Thanks for the nice information.

Rakesh Kumar April 04, 2011  

you are welcome on my blog 'mansa vacha karmna'.New post is 'vande vani vinayakao'.

sm,  April 04, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,,
sure i will visit your blog

Simran April 04, 2011  

This is really disapointing for Indian Fan's and team too ..
Thanks a lot for sharing such imformatic posts :)
Keep posting and take care!

And ya, I have something for you! :)
Do check it on my blog..

sm,  April 04, 2011  


sachinchandra_dubey April 11, 2011  

Team India Has Been Given The Original World Cup Trophy As The Original Trohy Has The LOGO OF 2011 CRICKET WORLD CUP IN THE Middle Of The Trophy.The Trophy Shown In Pictures Was The 'Display' Trophy For Media.
In 2007 The Trophy Was Different As Australians Were Given The Original As Well As The Display Trophy Which Australia Refused To Return(Display Trophy),ICC CREATES DIFFERENT TROPHY FOR DIFFERENT WORLD CUPS

sm,  April 11, 2011