11 April 2011

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A Raja's brother A. Kaliaperumal caught red handed and arrested for 'bribing voters' giving money to voters

A Raja's brother A. Kaliaperumal caught red handed and arrested
for 'bribing voters' giving money to voters –

On April 9, police had taken Kaliaperumal into custody for allegedly distributing money to Self Help Women Groups and a case was registered against him.

Police said that A Raja's brother has been arrested on charges of 'bribing' voters in Perumbalur district in the run up to the April 13 Tamil Nadu assembly polls

A Kaliaperumal was allegedly caught 'red-handed' on Sunday night while distributing money at Labbakudi Kadu and Irayur.
He has been slapped with cases under various sections of IPC, including bribery and violation of Representation of People's Act.
Police has seized some calendars and diaries from his possession.

Another report said that Kaliaperumal misused the vehicle allotted to an Independent candidate to campaign for the Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam (DMK) nominee. The case has been registered in Perambalur.

Later he was produced before the court and he was released on Bail.

The Enforcement Directorate and the CBI had questioned Kaliaperumal in February in connection with the 2G spectrum scam

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Monday, April 11, 2011

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Mohini Puranik April 11, 2011  

Wow! Great! Good news!

sm,  April 11, 2011  


Saritha April 11, 2011  

SM i shared this post in my FB,thanx

Alka Gurha April 11, 2011  

Will they ever learn? heard that in TN milk vans and water tanks are being used to distribute liquor.

Jon April 11, 2011  

Very bad times for Raja family

sm,  April 11, 2011  

thx for sharing.

sm,  April 11, 2011  

Alka Gurha,,

sm,  April 11, 2011  


Irfanuddin April 12, 2011  

hhmmmm.... its goog to see that at least now these people are booked n kept behind the bar....

Rakesh Vanamali April 12, 2011  

No surprises here! What else can one expect from this bunch?

sm April 12, 2011  


sm April 12, 2011  

V Rakesh,,

Apanatva April 12, 2011  

whats abt other politicians no one is behind.......
a promise to give colour tv....can you imagine......

Renu April 12, 2011  

everyday in chennai, they are seizing cash, but nevr naming the party, though they know.why? why not bar those party's candidates in that constituency?

sm,  April 12, 2011  

yes we need amendments in every Indian law.

sm,  April 12, 2011  


dr.antony April 13, 2011  

Nothing unusual.
The DMK government spent 1000 crores to buy televisions for the masses!

SM April 13, 2011  

every party is doing this using different means and ways.