06 April 2011

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Letter to Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh in support of Jan Lokpal Bill

Letter to Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh
in support of Jan Lokpal Bill

Mr. Chief Public Servant,
Manmohan Singh

We have suffered enough due to corruption.

We are deeply hurt and disappointed with any lack of a real and meaningful solution from you and your government.

We want change, and we want accountability and we cannot wait any longer to have this! We will not vote for you if an effective anti-corruption bill is not enacted.

Not the farce Lokpal Bill proposed by your government, but the peoples “Jan Lokpal Bill”.

We want strict and effective punishment for the corrupt.
They MUST go to jail! Or you Mr. PM, along with your party, will fall from the people’s grace.
We assure you, stand by us, and we will stand by you.
The opposite will also hold true.

Your government has appointed a GoM to draft the Lokpal Bill.

This GoM includes -
1. Sharad Pawar,
2. Veerapa Moily
3. and Kapil Sibal.

Mr. Pawar and Mr. Moily have a past of corruption and mis-deeds that the entire country if aware of.

Mr. Sibal does not feel there was corruption in the 2G scam.

Having these people draft the anti-corruption law – is it not an insult to the people of India?

How can the corrupt be asked to draft an anti-corruption bill?

We urge you to consider the choice put forth by the people – credible names such as Justice Santosh Hegde, Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bushan and others, to be part of the committee to draft the Lokpal Bill.

Shri Anna Hazare, one of the Greatest Social Reformers India has ever seen has announced a Fast Unto Death beginning April 5th.

His demands are extremely beneficial for the future of India.

We urge you to immediately accept the demands of the people of India represented by the demands of Shri Anna Hazare lest the discontent among the people grows out of control.

The sentiments against rampant corruption in this country are quickly becoming as strong as those that led to the uprising in Tahrir Square.

The honest and hardworking people of this country refuse to be innocent bystanders in the wholesale public looting that is taking place as you read this letter.

We request you’re immediate and strong response to this concern of the people as corruption should be the top priority of your government.

If the challenge is not met effectively and promptly, it has the potential of undermining every valuable effort made by upright citizens of this country over the last century - including you.

It also has the potential of leaving your government with a legacy of shame.

Tahrir square can yet be a reality in India.

We trust you will take immediate steps to give us our solution, and not force us to take the above steps!

Citizen of India

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

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BK Chowla, April 06, 2011  

WE should put this at rest if Pawar is a part of GOM

SM April 06, 2011  

BK Chowla,,

Alka Gurha April 06, 2011  

pawar being on that committee is a joke....a slap on our faces.

SM April 06, 2011  

Alka Gurha,,

Atlanta Roofing April 08, 2011  

It is high time there was a act to try these politicians waiting to squander the country and escaping without any punishment our full support to Anna Hazare .Please let us know the person in Chennai where we could register to join this movement.

sm,  April 08, 2011  

Atlanta Roofing,,