10 April 2011

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Jan Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee to start work from 16th April Procedures will be videographed and made Public

Jan Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee to start work from 16th April
Procedures will be videographed and made Public

Jan Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee Procedures will be videographed and made Public –
Anna Hazare

The Jan Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee will start its work on the draft from April 16

Anna Hazare said that process of formulating the Jan Lokpal Act will be videographed and the procedures will be made public.

The procedure will be totally transparent, from formulation to the time after it is passed and selection of Lokpal

Anna also said that if citizens find any shortcomings they can point it out.

The notification by the Ministry of Law and Justice said that the Joint Drafting Committee to prepare a draft of the Bill will have five ministers from the government and five nominees of Hazare, including himself.

The five Ministers are
1. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Chairperson,
2. Home Minister P. Chidamabaram,
3. Law Minister Veerappa Moily (Convenor),
4. HRD Minister Kapil Sibal
5. Water Resources Minister Salman Khurshid.

The civil society will be represented by
1. Anna Hazare,
2. former Supreme court judge N Santosh Hegde,
3. Shanti Bhushan (Co-Chairperson),
4. Prashant Bhushan
5. RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal.

The notification said the Joint Drafting Committee will commence work forthwith evolving its own procedure to prepare the proposed legislation.
The committee shall complete its work latest by June 30.

Lokpal bill will not end 100% corruption, but it will start the process to reduce the corruption.

Anna Hazare also said that corrupt politicians may not pass this bill then we have to prepare for the big fight.
If the Parliament fails to pass the Lokpal Bill, a law that the country has been waiting for more than 40 years.

Anna Hazare has fixed 15th August as a dead line.

The Jan Lokpal Law Act is for the benefit of Every Indian .

Thus Support Anna Hazare.

Today the process is totally stopped in India. No one fears to do corruption as there is no punishment or little punishment pay the 3 times fine and you are free.

Few People are objecting that the father and son duo is there in committee?

Do not be fooled by anyone know that for making bill people need legal knowledge with strong background and who can dominate the meetings from civil side.

We have to see that good law is made for India.

The Committee is for only 2 months its not permanent position.
Both are having legal knowledge and fought against corruption.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Teamgsquare April 10, 2011  

Wonderful , Hope bill get passed , at least some corruption is reduced .

dr.antony April 10, 2011  

A good beginning.At least something to hope for.We have to learn to respond to problems,and stop being indifferent.I hope this paves the way.

sm,  April 10, 2011  

Team G Square,,

sm,  April 10, 2011  


Anonymous,  April 19, 2011  

Jan Lokpal bill is a start to fight with the corrupt political system. It should minimise the power of politicans and bureacrats who are taking the nation for a ride.

Bill should focus on taking the CBI, IT department and Judiciary out of the politicians influence.

Common man is fed up with the political system and none of the political parties have any good developmental agenda. Only they are accusing of each other on petty things.

Poltical leaders should be accountable as they are hlding the highest office. They cannot pass comments that they are not the Jyotishi, they shoukld be prevented from erecting their own statues etc.,conflict of interest should also be taken up,, A leader cannot hold two or more positions as it is happening now.

sm,  April 19, 2011