08 April 2011

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Government accepts all the 5 demands of Anna Hazare - Honesty Wins against Government –

Government accepts all the 5 demands of Anna Hazare -
Honesty Wins against Government –

Updated Saturday, April 09, 2011 – 11.10 Am IST

Anna Hazare said that he will wait for the Government order notification then he will break his hunger strike

Anna said that tomorrow at 10.30 Am Anna will break his hunger strike.

Who will be 5 five representatives of civil society –
Anna Hazare

Shanti Bhushan

Arvind Kejriwal

Santosh Hegde

Prashant Bhushan

According to the agreement, Finance Minister Pranab Mukhrejee will be the chairman of the joint committee on the bill and former Union law minister Shanti Bhushan will be the co-chairman.

Who will represent the government side or politician’s side –
Finance Minister Pranab Mukhrejee

Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal

Law Minister Veerappa Moily

Minorities Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid

Home Minister P Chidambaram

In the agreement, the government has committed itself to introducing the new Lokpal Bill in the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament.

Agreement also said that A Government Order will be immediately issued constituting the drafting committee incorporating the names of 10 members of the committee, the chairperson, the co-chair and the time frame

Moily will be the convenor of the 10-member Joint Drafting Committee that will commence its work forthwith

Committee will try to finish the draft before June 30 and the Cabinet approval will be taken before the start of the monsoon session.
The session is likely to start in the first week of July.

Every demand has been accepted by Government of India.

Updated Saturday, April 09, 2011 – 11.10 Am IST

Government Issued notification for the Committee to redraft Jan Lokpal Bill and accepted every demand of Anna Hazare

Activist Swami Agnivesh went to Cabinet Minister Kapil Sibal's residence to collect the notification issued by the government.
After getting the copy Swami Agnivesh said that the government has agreed beyond our demands

The notification clearly says that by June 30, the committee will conclude, so that it can be taken up in the next Parliament session

Anna Hazare ended his 98-hour long hunger strike for a strict anti-corruption law at 10:53 AM
While addressing Indians from Jantar Mantar Anna said that
We should keep meeting. If the Government doesn't pass the Lokpal Bill in the monsoon session.
I will join the country in a dharna at the Red Fort on August 15.

Five Demands which Government accepted –

Formal Government Notification of a joint committee of activists and ministers the Centre agreed to issue a government order

a joint panel with a 50:50 ministerial-activist composition

Centre accepted Hazare's offer of the committee being co-chaired.

10-member Joint Drafting Committee that will commence its work forthwith and evolve its own procedures to prepare the proposed legislation.

Government agreed that this committee should prepare its draft law by such time so that it could be presented in the monsoon session of Parliament.

Reality views by sm –
Friday, April 08, 2011

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dr.antony April 08, 2011  

First time here,and I liked it. I came through Jyothi's blog.
It is indeed a victory.The sad thing was that it took some time for the youth in our country to wake up and join him. This is an example.Changes cn be brought about.

Bikram April 08, 2011  

SM, lets not run ahead of ourself.. Once IPL starts all the supporters will be busy watching TELE :)


chitra April 09, 2011  

I think more and more Anna Hazare type movements happen , politicians must see what is peoples' power

I.M.Sharma April 12, 2011  

Already we are suffering due to the eccentricities of one deceased 'father of the nation' - so, please do not conjure any other 'father of the nation'. What is needed is for citizens to realized their rights and duties and do something good and honest dutifully. Any person or organization that helps the process is welcome and that opposes or obstructs it is unwelcome and has to be shunned. That's all.

sm,  April 12, 2011