20 April 2011

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Ajit Pawar nephew of Sharad Pawar in land scam Ajit Pawar and AG Mercantile Shares - IBN Lokmat Expose

Ajit Pawar nephew of Sharad Pawar in land scam Ajit Pawar and AG Mercantile
Shares - IBN Lokmat Expose

In 2007 when Ajit Pawar, nephew of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief, was irrigation minister of Maharashtra AG Mercantile, a company partly owned by Ajit Pawar was given a contract to repair a dam in Raigad.
But instead of money for the repairs the company was given land.

The office of the AG Mercantile is at Dadar the company was registered on 29 June 1995.
Total share capital – Rs.40 Lakh

The company got 39 investors but IBN Lokmat found that 5 members have false address and remaining others mentioned address is only Mumbai.

Thus IBN lokmat said that all 39 investors are bogus.

Ajit Pawar got equity shares of 8800.
And Gayridevi from Satara got 7200 equity shares.

The director of the companies include
Girish Amonkar - Auditors of Krishna development
Atul Khnolkar

AG Mercantile was given 93,646 sq ft of land on lease for 99 years.
The land, located at the old Mumbai-Pune highway, overlooks a beautiful water reservoir.
In 2008, the company got an additional 97,000 sq ft of land for building a road and a bridge.

AG Mercantile has built lavish bungalows, swimming pools and waterfalls on this land ostensibly to attract tourists.

The company even managed to get permission for boating within just two days of applying.

Before breaking the story, IBN-Lokmat contacted Ajit Pawar, who said he has nothing to do with AG Mercantile.

But the company affairs website clearly states Ajit Pawar has 8800 equity shares, a fact he did not mention even in his election declaration.

The website reveals another shocker - Vinod Goneka, a prime accused in the 2G spectrum case, is one of the directors of the company.

Sharad Pawar had earlier said his family had no business links with Goenka.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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