03 March 2011

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Supreme Court Verdict Appointment of PJ Thomas as CVC head is illegal – PJ Thomas Resigned from post of CVC

The Supreme Court has ruled that PJ Thomas' appointment as Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) is illegal.

Updated On March 15, 2011

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Law Minister Veerappa Moily said that Thomas had resigned after the verdict of Supreme Court of India.

Now PJ Thomas does not need to resign from his post, as already his services are terminated.
Now the certified copies will go to the concert department of government of India and they will follow the orders.

Once Again Supreme Court of India gave historical judgment.

The Supreme Court has ruled that PJ Thomas' appointment as Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) is illegal.

Who selected the Thomas as CVC head?
PJ Thomas was selected in September by the Prime Minister and Home Minister. The third member of their committee, Leader of the Opposition, Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj opposed the appointment of Thomas.

PIL was filed in the Supreme Court of India.
The PIL had claimed that Thomas was not a person of impeccable integrity.
CVC is the department which is called as anti corruption watchdog.
The SC observed that Thomas is a person who is tainted as he was an accused in the palmoline export scam in Kerala.

The Supreme Court said that the high-powered committee's recommendation on appointment of Thomas "does not exist in law".

The committee, for whatsoever reason, failed to consider relevant material recommending action against Thomas, the court observed.

The court also rejected the Government's argument that the CVC's appointment was not under the jurisdiction of the court and added that future appointments to the post should not be restricted to civil servants alone; that people of impeccable integrity from other fields should be considered as well.

The Supreme court said, "Touchstone for the appointment of the CVC is the institutional integrity as well as the personal integrity of the candidate."
Now congress has to answer, what is the reason they have selected him for this post of CVC or what ever may be reason.

Its failure of Planning, It’s a failure of appointment procedure, thus the appointment procedure of the CVC should be changed and only highly clean people should be given opportunity to work as CVC.

Updated On March 15, 2011

Appointment of P J Thomas as CVC Cancelled by President

Eleven days back Supreme Court quashed the appointment, Selection of P J Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner.

The Supreme Court had on March three quashed the appointment of Thomas as CVC, saying the recommendation made by the HPC did not consider chargesheet relating to a corruption case pending against him.

A Rashtrapati Bhavan spokesperson said in a brief statement that "the President has signed the warrant of cancellation of appointment of P J Thomas as CVC today."

Now government of India can start to look for the new Central Vigilance Commissioner

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

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wow what a judgement . !

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yes its good judgement.

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BK Chowla, March 04, 2011  

Despite all this, congis will never give up.

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