18 March 2011

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Need Pure Oxygen – Artificial Green Trees to convert Co2 to Oxygen

Need Pure Oxygen – Artificial Green Trees to
convert Co2 to Oxygen

Trees naturally convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen.

But today because of Greed Selfish Humans are cutting trees and forests and on that place we humans are building white cement forest.
Thus we humans are not getting pure air.
Population is increasing and number of tress are decreasing ,
just like mad society people are cutting tress after tress , even they are cutting hills to build a building to earn money.

Co2 is not good for humans but Trees convert Co2 into oxygen which we humans need to survive.
Co2 Level is rising, we are cutting natural converter of Co2 that is trees thus level of Co2 will keep raising.
This will lead to Global warming problems, Acid Rain, respiratory disease many more.

But do not worry now Artificial Trees will do this Job in future.

Researchers at the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy at Columbia University, led by Dr. Klaus Lackner, have designed a faux tree that is supposed to do the job of a real tree.
That is covert Co2 into O2.

How this Artificial Tree or Machine will work?

The machine designed by Dr Lackner, and Mario Caceres and Christian Canonico of Influx_Studio, is designed to pull CO2 from the air and emit oxygen instead.

The Project is called as the Boston Treepod Initiative
The artificial tree will look like the dragon blood tree.
The dragon blood tree was chosen because of its wide branches and umbrella style of tops that can support the larger sized solar panels that power the tree.

After trial and error they realize that Solar Panel will not be enough to power the Tree, thus they have added 2nd option to the artificial tree.
The groves of tree pods will be pared with hammocks and see-saws that will help to power the devices

If we Humans start to save the trees we won’t need these artificial trees to produce oxygen.

But still we will need these artificial trees to produce the Oxygen as humans have started to build very tall buildings and as we go higher and higher Oxygen level gets reduced and one will need these artificial trees to produce Oxygen in 100th floor Apartment or 50th floor apartment.

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Friday, March 18, 2011
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Amrit March 19, 2011  

As the population increases, we need more houses. No solution to population increase. So this works....

sm,  March 19, 2011  


chitra March 19, 2011  

Nice post sm, but the tree pod initiative will take a long time to reach India. Solar energy even today, has not become popular here. We must rely more on natural trees. Hope better sense prevails people frm cutting down trees.

Urmi March 19, 2011  

Wonderful post. Keep it up!

sm,  March 19, 2011  

Life Ramblings,,

sm,  March 19, 2011  


sm,  March 19, 2011  


CIVILPRINCESS March 21, 2011  

i wonder where the world is going? we're trying to replicate nature. this will not be the permanent solution. we have to know that and work in harmony with the nature.
but a nice post. thanks for sharing :)


sm,  March 21, 2011