28 March 2011

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India and Pakistan Semi Final Match Fixed – CNEB NEWS Channel India to lose semi final – Bookies fixed the match

India and Pakistan Semi Final Match Fixed –
CNEB NEWS Channel India to lose semi final – Bookies fixed the match

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Updated on Monday, March 12, 2012


It’s very easy to plan the winner and loser in the game of cricket. It’s easy to fix the winner in the game of cricket.

The India Pakistan match is to be played at Mohali in Chandigarh, India on March 30, 2011.

It’s expected that Indian and Pakistani Kings and their families will also visit to watch the drama of cricket between Indian cricket team and Pakistani cricket team.

Who will watch the match?
Indian PM Manmohan Singh
Pakistani PM Yousuf Gilani
Mukesh Ambani
Rahul Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi
Shahrukh Khan
And many more celebrities.

Do you think the cricket match semifinal between India and Pakistan is fixed?

Currently CNEB news channel has said that the match between the India and Pakistan is fix and India will lose the match.

Former Income tax officer Vishwa Bandhu Gupta has said that match between India and Pakistan is fixed already.
Pradip Agrawal is a big bookie from Delhi who has contacts and he can manage the match. He was even seen in the dressing room of Indian cricket team.

Below is the CNEB TV news channel clip discussing and saying about India to lose the match because of fixing of the match.

About this fixing of match I do not know and I do not confirm it.
This is what news channel is saying.

Few days back IBN channel also said about fixing of matches.

ICC, BCCI and Multinational companies are involved in this game so which news channel will go against them.

Anything is possible in Cricket.

Reality views by sm –
Monday, March 28, 2011

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India to lose semi final as match is fixed.


Mohini Puranik March 28, 2011  

Thanks SM! I was tired, telling people how fixing goes on! I feel very sad when people get involved in victory and defeat just like innocent child. And it is almost impossible in case of IND Pak match without fixing. Who will be winner? You said it!

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) March 28, 2011  

lolz !!
Lets see what happens on Wednesday, all rumors are bound to have some truth in it :)

sm,  March 28, 2011  


sm,  March 28, 2011  


Amrit March 28, 2011  

There is some truth in it. Let us see how it goes. I think the fix could be India wins...Indians have more money to pay...

chitra March 28, 2011  

We have to watch and find out. So much news is floating around.

sm,  March 28, 2011  


sm March 28, 2011  


Destination Infinity March 29, 2011  

I have lost interest in cricket precisely for such reasons... I no longer watch it.

Destination Infinity

sm,  March 29, 2011  

Destination Infinity,,

Anonymous,  April 01, 2011  

well 5 drop catches of tendulkar
Misbah scoring 7 runs in 40 balls
Umer gul for so many runs
Cricket return to Pakistan as srilanka and other teams announce playing in Pakistan
watch for IPL announcement that Pakistan players will play in IPL
Indian not winning a WC for 28 years
Match fixed at the highest possible level between two boards or even more higher

sm,  April 01, 2011