05 March 2011

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DMK withdraws UPA support withdraws Ministers from Centre Cabinet of UPA government

DMK withdraws UPA support withdraws Ministers
from Centre Cabinet of UPA government

In UPA government DMK got 18 Member of Parliament and then Trinamool Congress of Mamta got 19 Member of Parliament members.

The Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam (DMK) decided to pull out of UPA Government at the Centre and withdrew its ministers from the Cabinet.

The DMK said it will provide only issue-based support to the UPA Government.

The DMK has six ministers in the Union Cabinet. They are:

1.Dayanidhi Maran - Textiles

2.MK Alagiri - Chemicals and Fertlisers

3.SS Palanimanickam - Minister of State, Finance

4.D Napoleon - Minister of State, Social Justice and Empowerment

5.S Jagathrakshakan - Minister of State, Information and Broadcasting

6.S Gandhiselvan - Minister of State, Health and Family Welfare

What is the reason DMK suddenly decided to withdraw support?
Reason 1 – Raja
Reason 2 - TV channel K and daughter shares

Reason 3 – which is officially declared –

DMK offered 60 seats to Congress, but congress demanded 63 seats out of total 234 seats
And they started to fight for 3 more seats.

"The Congress stand surprises us," said DMK supremo M Karuanidhi at the DMK high-level meeting, adding, "We are compelled to suspect that these are all the efforts by Congress to remove us from the UPA. Under these circumstances we have to think whether to continue in the government."

The DMK has signed electoral pacts with five parties involving more than 50 seats:
•KMK - 7 seats

•MMK - 1 seat

•VCK - 10 seats

•PMK - 31 seats

•Indian Union Muslim League - 3 seats

After giving away 60 seats to the Congress, the DMK would be left with just 122 for itself. If it concedes 63, it will be left with 117, just two over the halfway mark in the 234-member house.

On other side AIADMK has tied-up with actor Vijayakant's DMDK and Left parties.

The AIADMK has so far reached agreements for 49 seats with six parties

•DMDK – 41 Seats

•Puthiya Tamizhagham – 2 seats

•MNMK – 3 seats

•Republican Party of India – 1 seat

•All India Forward Bloc – 1 seat

•AIMMK – 1 seat

Always Vote for Nation not for your pleasure
Vote against corruption

No vote equals to Deshdrohi action

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Saturday, March 05, 2011


Irfanuddin March 05, 2011  

its not at all surprising..... whenever there is election these political parties just switch over there alliance from one to other.... the alliance are no way based on ideologies.... its all there vote politics....

Rama Ananth March 05, 2011  

No party is worth coming to power. Not a single party is bothered about the country, or us the people who go and vote. Before the next elections a few good , young educated people, with good intentions should form a party, and try to win the elections without the support of any of these corrupt parties.
Young people should come out and be the change they want to see in our country.
But these ideas are good only to imagine in reality nothing of this sort would happen.

sm,  March 06, 2011  


chitra March 06, 2011  

This was going to happen one day or the other. They made it appear everything was hunky-dory which was not so.

sm,  March 06, 2011