08 March 2011

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CWG Scam - Sandeep Wadhwa MD of Comfort Net Arrested by CBI

CWG Scam - Sandeep Wadhwa MD of Comfort Net Arrested by CBI

Update – Friday, March 11, 2011

Sandeep Wadhwa is the third non-OC individual to be arrested in the overlays contract scam worth over Rs 600 crore.

Who is Sandeep Wadhwa?

Sandeep Wadhwa is the MD of Comfort Net, the company which was part of Switzerland-based Nussli India Consortium.

Nussli India was given a contract of nearly Rs 140 crore for supply of tents, portable cabins, containers and other items for six venues.

CBI sources claimed they had evidence of the company resorting to illegal means to win the Rs 140 crore overlays contract. "We have found money trail to this company. Wadhwa paid money to OC officials to get the contract.
We cannot disclose the names of those officials right now because investigations are on but we have found links of kickbacks," a CBI official said.

Update – Friday, March 11, 2011

CBI registered two cases against agencies involved in the restoration and renovation work of Talkatora and Shivaji stadiums.
And a separate case regarding the appointment of consultants during the games.

Reality Views by sm –
Tuesday, March 08, 2011

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kiran sawhney March 08, 2011  

hmm!! so isnt it good that some action is being taken? What is your take on it?

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 08, 2011  

I guess Sandeep Wadhwa had to indulge in corruption because authorities were not showing interest in CWG. It was not to see that the deal is through.
There was so much reluctance on the part of Delhi govt., Central govt. that money had to be paid to make CWG happen.
If circumstantial evidence proves such is the case, then I request CBI to show mercy on Suresh Wadhwa.

sm,  March 08, 2011  

something is better than nothing.

sm,  March 08, 2011  

he can become a govt.witness and expose every one.

Bikram March 08, 2011  

FIrst i would be happy when the GOVT is brought to the task and the officials EACH one ..

These guys had to give money to get a contract thats how things work in india.. NO matter what people say to get work done you got to PAY.. and thats what the FACT is ..

People go on about love of country how they will do this , the change they will bring and all that falls on the FACE when reality hits them when they see there own taking Bribe ..

no ownder all those who were so vocal about how they will teach a lesson to officials once CWG was over have suddenly gone quiet ..

CBI is doing all to see where the mone ycame from WHY does it not FOCUS where the money WENT and whose Pckets got LINED UP .. FIRST .. if they are caught then next time people wont have ot pay money to get work done..

I am still waiting for my piece of land to be tranferred to my name 4 years gone now.. all documents have been submitted but the file has not moved from one desk to another .. and they dont even TELL ME WHATS WRONG why it is not moving .. I am about to send 50k RS to get work done.. IS THERE ANYONE who can make it work without money being paid PLEASE


sm,  March 08, 2011  


Jon March 08, 2011  

Hope some curlprits end behind bars atleats for some time!

sm,  March 08, 2011