11 March 2011

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AOL cuts 900 jobs 700 from India Bangalore

AOL cuts 900 jobs 700 from India Bangalore

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said Thursday the company is cutting 200 jobs in the U.S. and 700 in India following its $315 million purchase of the Huffington Post.

AOL unloaded 40% of its cash on the Huffington Post purchase last month.

In the past year, AOL has spent $530 million on acquisitions as it focuses on becoming a content company rather than an outdated Internet portal.

According to All Things Digital's sources, AOL will lay off about 400 employees in Bangalore and also transition 300 more to contractors working for their partners.

This cut will reduce AOL India's strength to about 200. AOL has about 5000 employees worldwide

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Friday, March 11, 2011

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sm,  March 11, 2011