01 February 2011

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Understanding Seven Differences between Religion and Science –

Understanding Seven Differences between  Religion and Science –

Religion is based on or believes in Super power possessing Humans who created Religion
Science - there is no super human being forever. Religion there is only one super human and his all other super naturals or his students work under his name.

Religion got the super authority, that super authority gets the power from God or Super natural.
Science has no authority, science keeps changing and every one can try to prove or has right to prove that how that scientist is wrong or how his theory is wrong.

Religion – If the head of religion or super natural is insulated or even his saying is challenged that person will get punishment which may result in cutting of hands, burning alive for questioning his super natural. This does not happen in Science, Science keeps changing with every new invention or finding.

To spread the religion it has always stories of Magic.
Science does not believe in Magic, For Humans science itself is magic until the formula is found and phenomena are understood by humans. Magic stories in Religion , no methods are available to check those magic.

Religion is based on the rule that super natural took birth or entered the body of xyz human being and then told that person the rules and theories and beliefs.

Science is one where rules, theories are invented with hard work; old theories are challenged and new are created.

Religion no procedure is available to check does super natural really told that person or xyz person those theories who suddenly says he met God or super natural and now he got educated and knowledge.
No methods are allowed to test those theories, must follow them blindly without questioning.

Science, Scientist, inventor has to explain his theory to all the citizens and citizens have right to check his theory as they want and wish , and inventor has to show and prove his method which proves what he is saying is right.

Religion Divides the nations, divides the villages, and even divides the neighbors.

Science brings together the society and community.
Only because of Science it is possible that blood of one human is given to other human to save the life.
Science is for society and Religion is for selfishness or for limited purpose.

Suppose all books of  religion referring to all religions and all memories of religion from human mind are wiped out destroyed  then nothing were passed on and no one will be able to create exact same religion again.
There will be new God names and News rules to control the humans by rich, powerful, and superior people of new society.

Now suppose all of science books and science knowledge is wiped out and destroyed then also after few years or hundreds of years someone will find the same scientific principals and laws and again journey of science will start what goes up Comes down.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Kirtivasan Ganesan February 01, 2011  

I believe in Advaita philosophy. Your comments here are more on the dvaita side as you probably believe the world around us to be real.

sm,  February 01, 2011  


Alka Gurha February 01, 2011  

I am still thinking...You do make my grey cells work hard. Well Religion is a matter of Faith and you cannot explain things away. I have reconciled to the fact that most things go unexplained in religion unlike in Science which has explanation for everything. Both are incomparable.

chitra February 01, 2011  

What you say is right, religion has one faith in super power and storie and magic. Science has to have proofs.But advances in Science must be used wisely by people for the good of humanity not for destruction.

sm,  February 01, 2011  

Alka Gurha,,

sm,  February 01, 2011  


Bikram February 01, 2011  

blimey as ALka said me too need those grey cells to work :)

excellent points but i do think that both science and religion are right at there respective places the two can never accept each other and i doubt if they ever will


R. Ramesh February 01, 2011  

again an exc subject..wait lemme take a print and read this nicely at home...keep up the gr8 work buddy...admirable..

Nrupen February 01, 2011  

From the day I read Ramayana, Mahabharat, Shiv Mahapuran and Vishnu puran I stopped believing there's any existence of God. Religion is nothing but a term created to define group of people but with time it has become things that brings brutality by discrimination.
There's no way how much anyone will try to convince me now I'll never believe there's any existence of God in any form but surely no matter how many times scientific theories will fail I will be its sheer believer.

Insignia February 01, 2011  

:-) good one. Man that is we create few stuffs for our convenience :)

Simran February 01, 2011  

A vast difference !!
Nice post as always :)

Keep Writing..

sm,  February 01, 2011  


sm,  February 01, 2011  

R. Ramesh,,

sm,  February 01, 2011  


sm,  February 01, 2011  


sm,  February 01, 2011  


Kirtivasan Ganesan February 02, 2011  

I believe Advaita philosophy can explain growth of a person, growth of species, growth types of plants and animals.
Only the desire for such a growth is unclear.
But Buddha said that desires makes a person sad. Why be sad?

Indian Home Maker February 02, 2011  

I agree. I feel even those who believe in god and some supreme power who created this world, could choose not to let middle men or priests and preachers dictate how their relationship with this supreme power should be.

Religion unfortunately is open to (mis)interpretation and that makes it dangerous in the wrong hands. I would suspect any leader who dictates rules that benefit their own selves.

I also feel science is open to logic, questioning and reason while religion can use even science to cause destruction. Just take a look at Holocaust, Saudi Arabia and all the terror attacks all over the world.

Kirtivasan Ganesan February 02, 2011  

It is terrible terror attack in Islamic world.
Quran should never have been written down in the first place.

sm,  February 02, 2011  


sm,  February 02, 2011  

Indian Home Maker,,
yes i agree with you.

Now time has come to throw all the books and accept the book of humanity, human rights as the religion of world.

Kirtivasan Ganesan February 02, 2011  

I agree with you. The time is to throw all books and accept the book of humanity.

sm,  February 02, 2011