18 February 2011

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India will get British Aid of One Billion Pounds – Who will enjoy the benefits poor Indians or someone else?

India will get British Aid of One Billion Pounds –
Who will enjoy the benefits poor Indians or someone else?

Andrew Mitchell, international development secretary, told the Financial Times that British aid would remain flat at £280m a year until 2015

"They do have a space programme, but on the other hand there are more poor people in India than in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa and the average income of an Indian citizen is only one third of that of a Chinese person," International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell told the BBC.

It was reported that bulk of aid will be given to three poor states: Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.
Madhya Pradesh, a central state with 69million people and known as the Heart of India, is already receiving £103million from Britain for a health programme.

Another interesting fact is that while India is getting aid UK is ending aid to poor nations like Cambodia and Moldova, Serbia.

To whom England is making rich?
Does your pounds reach to poor Indians?
Does Indians real poor Indians know that you are sending aid for them?
Do you have audited money which you have donated in the Past?

As an Indian I will say we need the money, But we do not get the benefits of your pounds which you send us to Indians in aid.

Few Indians think that India is shining and India is going to become super power I do not think so.
Reality is India is not super power, may be few Indians became very rich, but every one knows in India how the honesty ends up in poverty.

British Government is cutting aid for their own people, British Citizens and how can then British Government pay or donate money to other nations?

If British Politicians really want to help India, then I will request you please build the schools and collages in India.

Build old homes and food storage facilities in India.
Build wind power projects or solar power projects in India.

Do not give us Cash, because Indian Poor People never get the cash or never enjoy the benefits of Aid.

Do the constructive work in India, Using British Embassy which is in India.

Few people will say that Britain looted India so they must return money.
Sorry I do not think so, before British People others looted us,
It was our weakness that we allowed them to loot us.
It was our weakness that they ruled us for more than 200 years.

Learn the History of India properly and you will understand how much money our own Indians looted from India.

Every rich nation should help the poor nation, but it is the duty of Rich nation to see that
The funds and aid which they are giving to poor nation was spent properly on needy poor.
If rich nation does not do the audits then it is possible that poor people will never get the
Benefits of your aid money.

Never ever help any nation in form of Cash, if really you want to help any poor nation, build the schools, collages, and build roads, hospitals.
Otherwise your money is wasted.

Build the India so powerful that in future No other nation can rule us and loot us.

But sad part is that currently our own people are looting us and we are unable to stop them.
We are not able to stop the corruption in India.

I will only say in Democracy you can stop government from spending or donating money then cause may be good or bad better is demand audit of that money, and see that really the aid reaches to poor people of that nation which receives the aid.

Reality views by sm –
Friday, February 18, 2011


Simran February 18, 2011  

Quite informative!
Good work ..
Keep smiling dear!

SM February 18, 2011  


Teamgsquare February 18, 2011  

Well said . Hope someday money reach the needy

sm,  February 18, 2011  

Team G Square,,

Shilpa Garg February 18, 2011  

Of course somebody else will enjoy the benefits and the poor Indians in those 3 states may never even know about the aid that's given for them!!

DEVIL'S BLOG February 18, 2011  

Sure shot crap to feel they will really receive any help

sm,  February 19, 2011  

Shilpa Garg,,

sm,  February 19, 2011  


Insignia February 19, 2011  

I agree to each and every word here. No one is our enemy, our our corrupt politicians and leaders are.

sm,  February 19, 2011  


Rama Ananth February 19, 2011  

I agree with you views, but who is to monitor such things or to even tell we don't want aid in the form of money?
It is really sad that we think the British looted India, where as we all know who all are looting us. But I do believe we have lot of potential to be the super power,and we can reach that state if only we can put all these tainted leader in some jail and throw away the keys.

Neena Sharma February 19, 2011  

Isn't that a shame? One one hand we tom-tom India's arrival at the World's Richest Club and on the other hand accept charity, which will anyway line the pockets of a few rich.

sm,  February 19, 2011  


sm,  February 19, 2011  

Neena Sharma,,

chitra February 19, 2011  

A very nice and strongly worded post Sm, I read it yesterday but could not comment due to some problem in my system.

sm,  February 19, 2011  


Anonymous,  May 24, 2011  


Do you guys even know that Indian govenment stopped receiving Foreign aid years ago ?

All this hoopla about foreign aid to India is at the insistance of foreign governments ?

The official Indian policy is, "If you insist here are a list of charities ? "

So why don't you sit back and think why the money is moving to India ?

Maybe it's about christian "values" through christian "charity".

Maybe it's something else.

Next time you think about slamming India on aid it's your government which is fooling you.

You know India stopped receiving aid just avoid aid money being used to pull it around and I am glad we did that ages ago.

Infact even after the Tsunami India said. Thanks but no thanks. If you insist you can give it to xyz charities.

Brits live in 2005.

sm,  May 24, 2011  

I do not agree with you.
India is receiving help.
Be educated and informed.