26 February 2011

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Beware from site www.stringpython.com has copied my, realityviews.blogspot.com blog articles and published them – Do not pay money for my articles

Beware from site www.stringpython.com has copied my,
realityviews.blogspot.com blog articles and published them – Do not pay money for my articles

Update - Filed DMCA complaint, sent mail to IP address company, and domain company.
Will be updating it

Today I found out that website http://www.stringpython.com/category/legal/
Has copied my articles, the site owner has not even edited a word from those articles.

I tried to find the contact of the site owner but I did not find it.

This is to inform you all that I am not the owner of this site http://www.stringpython.com/category/legal/
Above site owner, admin is copying the articles of others and he is posting on his website and he is making money and so if you are paying to the site owner for those articles you are paying wrong person.

The admin of site has copied my articles word to word, 100% without my permission.

Few links of the copied articles –












I am not associated with above site.
Currently I am thinking what to do, still trying to find the email address of admin of that site, hope you will give suggestion.

The above site admin has copied my articles and he is making money.
Below are the images of few of the articles from his site which I am posting here.
The articles are written by me, I am the owner of copyright of those articles.
The site admin has not even mentioned my blog address.

More about this site which is copying the articles of other site –

Website Status: active
Server Type: Apache

Domain Name: stringpython.com
Registrar: NETFIRMS, INC.
Whois Server: whois.netfirms.com
Referral URL: http://www.netfirms.com
Status: clientDeleteProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited

Expiration Date: 2012-02-17
Creation Date: 2011-02-17
Last Update Date: 2011-02-17

Name Servers:
See stringpython.com DNS Records

Information Updated: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 21:20:51 UTC

Domain Privacy Group, Inc.
c/o stringpython.com,
7030 Woodbine Ave. Suite 800
Markham, ON L3R 6G2

Domain name: stringpython.com

Administrative Contact:
Domain Privacy Group, Inc. @domainprivacygroup.com
c/o stringpython.com,
7030 Woodbine Ave. Suite 800
Markham, ON L3R 6G2
1-416-661-2100 Fax:

Technical Contact:
Domain Privacy Group, Inc. @domainprivacygroup.com
c/o stringpython.com,
7030 Woodbine Ave. Suite 800
Markham, ON L3R 6G2
1-416-661-2100 Fax:

Registration Service Provider:
Nexx, Inc., @nexx.com
This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

Registrar of Record: Netfirms Inc.
Record expires on 2012-02-17.
Record created on 2011-02-17.
Database last updated on 2011-02-25 16:05:45.

Information Updated: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 21:20:52 UTC

The above information I got the site using

Reality views by sm –
Saturday, February 26, 2011


Enigma February 26, 2011  

This is crazy! It's good that you noticed that your posts are being misused. I hope you soon have a talk with the lousy owner and clear everything.

Also thanks for sharing the info.

Insignia February 26, 2011  

You may want to file a case against them sm. This is ridiculous!

animesh February 26, 2011  

This is completely unethical and illegal. Please report it and start using any copyright service. I use My Free Copyright for my blog.
I also appeal to all my readers to share this article as much as you can. I have already shared it to Facebook and Twitter...
Just like that...

sm,  February 26, 2011  


sm,  February 26, 2011  


sm,  February 26, 2011  

i will read the articles suggested by you

DEVIL'S BLOG February 26, 2011  

Have you complained about it yet

Sandhya February 26, 2011  

This looks really scary, sm.
Does the 'copyright' service really work?

Mohini Puranik February 26, 2011  

Hey Sm This is crime! Fortunately you have all digital proofs with you now you can even file a case. This is big crime, as this man is getting ads and money for your talent and work. Please share further action you taken.

Mohini Puranik February 26, 2011  

I am also sharing this on social networking sites.

SM February 26, 2011  

I have mailed to ip company,domain company.

SM February 26, 2011  


SM February 26, 2011  


Irfanuddin February 26, 2011  

how to take action against these acts,... plz let me know about that....
how to get away from such things???? any idea???

Simran February 26, 2011  

It's strange and scary too :(

saritha February 26, 2011  

U will find so many people copying our work,this is a serious issues.You got so much info about that site can't u complaint about this site.

It really sucks to know that our hard work is copied :(

SM February 26, 2011  

once i finish this all i will write a detailed article on this.

SM February 26, 2011  


SM February 26, 2011  


Punam February 26, 2011  

That's outrageous!! Good that you took some action. As a writer, I understand how much hard work goes into bringing out an article and it's awful that someone is using it for commercial purposes, without giving credit APART from stealing it.
Hope the culprits are punished.

sm,  February 26, 2011  


Teamgsquare February 26, 2011  

Ridiculous and shameless act.

Rohan February 27, 2011  

I think you have followed the right procedure and DCMA will take it down by sending a notice to their host.
But how far will posting their URL help you in any way ? I think you just gave them some traffic and publicity . And added a name of someone very unethical to your list of good content . Had yoou waited for a few hours they would have been invisible from the blogosphere without anyone knowing them :)
Nw nice move with the report though .

sm,  February 27, 2011  


chitra February 28, 2011  

This is really shocking. For all your efforts. Some body gets it easily.

sm,  March 01, 2011  


kvministries July 03, 2011  

This is so shocking for any content writer. It's truly unethical, a complete theft of content and if you have the copyright, you may take steps. Complain Google about it.

SM July 03, 2011  


online coupon codes July 06, 2011  

My sympathy is with you, though I have concerns how much you will be able to fight back, as these people are very shrewd cheaters.

sm,  July 23, 2011  


Usha November 30, 2011  

sm, Google word "millet realityviews" check site at the end of the page. I found few of your posts there...just thought of informing you in case if you have not noticed.

sm,  November 30, 2011  



I will check the site.

Usha December 07, 2011  

sm, I am very glad to know that copy-cat blog is no more existing on internet map. Thanks for letting me know.