27 January 2011

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Freedom of Search Censored – Google Search Engine Start censoring Rapidshare and Bit torrent

Freedom of Search Censored – Google Search Engine Start censoring
Rapidshare and Bit torrent –

Google Search Engine has started to censor terms including Bit Torrent, torrent, utorrent, RapidShare and Mega upload from its instant and auto complete services.

Bit Torrent Inc., RapidShare and Vodo all speaking out against this act of commercial censorship by Google by surrendering to the entertainment industry as well as MPAA and RIAA.

Few weeks back Google has given hints regarding this, but today Google has started to censor without giving any public notice.

Google has compiled a list of keywords for which auto-complete is no longer available.
The terms will not be removed from the search engine but they will not come on the top.

Thus Google has started to Censor its search engine, because of this now others will also demand the censorship, governments will demand Censorship on religion news, adult news.

Bit torrent, U torrent, these keywords will no longer be suggested by Google when you type in the first letter, nor will they show up in Google Instant.

All combinations of the word “torrent” are also completely banned.

RapidShare and Mega upload are banned, prominent sites such as 4shared; Hot File and Media Fire are not.

This is just beginning; Censoring will start to rise day by day.

Rapid share is a site from people download software or exchange data.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Insignia January 27, 2011  

Ethically its right. But curbing is anytime bad. Hope the curb is limited to only these sites and not anything else as you mentioned

sm,  January 27, 2011  


Irfanuddin January 27, 2011  

i think the number of sites are going to increase in coming future

Sushant Jain January 27, 2011  

Agree with irfanuddin

sm,  January 27, 2011  


sm,  January 27, 2011  

sushant jain,,

OtienoHongo January 28, 2011  

I think we will more attempts to censure stuff on the internet in the course of this year. It started with wikileaks, now twitter is down in Egypt...but I also believe there is enough creativity out there to keep the internet working as we know it!

Tomz January 28, 2011  

how do you assess the new action by the internet giant..what will be its consequences?

chitra January 28, 2011  

Hey my comment also didn't get posted., is it getting censored?. I was saying, I need to come here to get any information to sm search engine. :)

Rià January 28, 2011  
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Rià January 28, 2011  

I wonder how much will this help!!

sm,  January 28, 2011  

Yes,how much they try to censor people will find the ways.

sm,  January 28, 2011  

Search Engine should not be censored.

sm,  January 28, 2011  


sm,  January 28, 2011  


Nrupen January 31, 2011  

There's nothing wrong in Google's decision, in fact this type of filtering will protect people from becoming victims of computer crimes

sm,  February 01, 2011