25 December 2010

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Private Unaided schools not ready to give free education to poor kids Demand exemption from Right to education act and Right to Information act

Private Unaided schools not ready to give free education
to poor kids Demand exemption from
Right to education act and Right to Information act

The National Convention of Private Unaided Schools Associations in a resolution passed at a conference said that the Right to Education Act should not be applicable to unaided schools in the country.

They demanded bringing an amendment to the Right to Education Act to exempt them from the law to "ensure their autonomy".

The conference also passed another resolution stating that they should be exempted from disclosure of information under RTI and that government has no role in the inspection and audit of schools which do not get any aid from the government.

"It was unanimously resolved in the convention that the provisions of Right to Information Act are not applicable on the unaided private schools and, therefore, the government departments should not entertain any applications made under the Act," said a release issued by the organization.

The organization also demanded that taxes like property tax, water and electricity charges should be levied at highly concessional rates and not on commercial rates as private schools are run on "no profit no loss basis".

Not ready to teach poor kids but we want discounts and concessions

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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Irfanuddin December 25, 2010  

its really a field where Govt. should look into... these pvt schools in the name of Trust/NGOs try to get all sort of exemptions frm Govt.... but in no way giv anything in return to the society.... they use to create a scenario where its a herculian task to get ur wards admitted in....
Congrats Sir.. u hav really taken a burning issue..
thnx for giving ur views on my blog.. plz do come again....!!!

BK Chowla, December 25, 2010  

Unless, people wake up to such realities of injustice towards the unprivileged class.

sm,  December 25, 2010  


sm,  December 25, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

Arti December 25, 2010  

Good post... Well written, a very important issue...

sm,  December 26, 2010  


Gouri Guha December 26, 2010  

Good post. Why should these schools who get so much liberty in all areas from the govt. give a thought about giving free education to poor children. They are here to make profit...why think of loss...that's how they think.

sm, thanks for visiting my space.

sm,  December 26, 2010  

Gouri Guha,,

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 27, 2010  

I feel they are pressurising and making more demands so that at least some of it can be fulfilled.
GOI should take up education and make correct laws. Instead they are running hotels and getting involved in managing telecom cos. and other areas.

sm,  December 27, 2010