10 December 2010

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Know About VIGEYE – A Project started by the CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION to stop corruption in India

Know About VIGEYE – A Project started by
the CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION to stop corruption in India

What is Vigeye?

VIGEYE is the project to fight corruption nationally.
Project Vigeye is the platform through which vigilance information flows freely through common public, the government agencies and the vigilance commission, making it possible to achieve a step jump in improving the corruption index of the nation.

Project Vigeye (Vigilance Eye) is a citizen-centric initiative, wherein citizens join hands with the Central Vigilance Commission in fighting corruption in India.

The important features of Project Vigeye are:

Citizens have multiple channels to air their grievances and complaints to CVC

a) Through their mobile phones: by downloading the mobile application from the CVC website. The complaints can be better articulated with additional data like audio/ video/ photo evidence from their mobiles directly.

b) Through the internet: by filling up the complaint form online they can attach audio/video/photo evidence.

c) Through telephone: help line have been setup

The entire complaint processing is done online, in digital form, enabling fast and accurate processing of complaints.

The term Vigeye refers to a person who is a vigilant citizen, a volunteer and one who helps the vigilance commission reporting corruption and in fighting it.

Vigeyes are those who file complaints and their grievances of corruption with supporting evidences to the CVC.

A Vigilant citizen can become a Vigeye by registering in the CVC website, by providing credentials such as name, email and phone number.

Speak out, Communicate, Capture evidence, Pool together facts to analyze and act against corrupt.

The concerned CVO will interact with the complainant directly over phone/email or in person, as the case may be, to take it forward

Status of the complaint is communicated back to the complainant - the communication loop becomes complete

How can I register for Submitting Mobile Vigeye Complaints?

Vigilant citizen can become a Vigeye by registering in the CVC website, by providing credentials such as name, email and phone number.

You can send an empty SMS or "VIGEYE" to 09223174440 to get an SMS containing the registration link in your mobile.

How can I follow up on my mobile complaint status?

The complaint status information is available on the login page.
Go to. Login with user name and password.
The submitted complaints will be listed along with the complaint status

Mobile Vigeye application errors out on GPRS connectivity during media file upload. What is the reason?

There could be multiple reasons why media file uploads error out on GPRS / 3G connectivity

First, open up the browser on the mobile and check if it connects to a www website (example: www.google.com). This is to check if internet is enabled on the phone.

If the connection through browser fails, then the possible reasons are:

GPRS/3G is not activated. Contact your service provider to activate

GPRS/3G is activated, but the access point settings are not saved or set in the mobile.

Contact your service provider to set the gprs/3G configuration for your mobile model
Mobile coverage is very poor

If the connection through browser works fine, then the possible reasons are:

•Access point for GPRS / 3G was not set for the application. Refer to set the access point for Mobile Vigeye

•You have set an incorrect access point

•Mobile coverage could be poor

•Make sure that the phone is not connected to a PC/laptop. In certain cases, it was observed that, GPRS does not work well if the phone is connected to a PC/laptop

GPRS Upload failed. But my evidence is very crucial.
What should I do to retain it? Or: My mobile battery is low.
How do I retain the evidence?

Mobile Vigeye software provides you with an option to save a recorded media for future upload

Note that to save the media through Mobile Vigeye, it is required to have a memory storage card (with sufficient space).
The media is saved directly into the memory storage card. It is recommended that you have a memory card on the phone.

The software provides options to upload the saved data within the same complaint session (if the mobile range recovers for upload) and also provides option to upload all saved media even after you exit the complaint session / switch off the phone. Refer to the complaint filing help for more information

Phone camera does not open. Why?

Possible reasons why phone camera does not open -

•Phone has a protective enclosure for the camera. If yes, expose the camera by opening the slide. Note that the Mobile Vigeye application should be invoked only after the slide is opened. Otherwise default camera application on the phone might open up

•Battery is too low. Charge the phone and try again

•Model might be in a beta list (kindly provide feedback on the same to ) within limited camera support

Why does the Mobile Vigeye Java application prompt questions on network access, file read/write, sms send, camera/audio operation?

This is a part of J2me security for unsigned midlets.
For operating Mobile Vigeye, answer 'yes' to all security prompts related to Network access, File read/write, SMS send, Camera/audio recording operation

To reduce the security prompts, set the Java settings of the software to "Always allowed" (cuts off all prompts) or "Ask first time only”. . Refer to set the java settings for your model

Is there any limit on Photo size / Audio recording times / Video recording times?

Photo Size limit: 480x640

For Java Mobile Vigeye application, the image resolution is set to 480x640.
This limit is automatically set by the software and user does not have to change any camera settings. The size is optimized for low bandwidth uploads.

For windows platform, the size needs to be explicitly set by the user. When the camera opens up, choose the size (this alters the default camera settings also).

The recommended limit for photos is 480x640 (or lower) .This limit is optimized for shorter upload times and reliable data transfer.

Video / Audio recording time limit: 1 Min

The recording time for an audio/video session is limited by the phone internal memory.

The recommended limit for capturing Audio or Video is 1 minute. It is possible that the phone may handle recording for more time. The recommended limit is optimized for shorter uploads times and reliable data transfer especially for low bandwidth connections.

Is there any limit to the number of Photos, Videos, and Audio recordings for a Mobile complaint?

There is no limit on the number of media that can be uploaded. The media files are saved on the CVC back-office. By default, no media is saved on the mobile. The media that is explicitly stored on the mobile by exercising the 'save' option, is limited by the storage card size limit.

I would like to file a Mobile complaint on a particular branch of the organization with additional details. But I do not see any branch locations in the categorization. How do I submit the details?

The additional details of the complaints can be captured as

•Provide additional details with the finalization audio (The back-office first listens to this audio for appropriate categorization of the complaint)

•Provide additional details as notes

During video recording, I get a prompt - "Application may send data via internet". What is the implication of this message?

This means that your phone has limited Mobile Vigeye Video recording.
This is limitation is observed on Symbian 40 phones.

This is a mobile security prompt and limits the video recording.
Video recording is interrupted when this prompt appears.
To continue, stop the recording.
You may choose to upload the video.
However the video is recorded only for the limited time (until the prompt).

For continuous and lengthier recordings, use alternate media like audio recording and photo.

I uploaded media for a complaint. But I cannot view the same in my login page?

All complaints need to be finalized to get assigned to the respective CVO.
Only then it would appear on the login assigned complaint screen.
In case you have missed the finalization for a complaint, there is an option in the webpage to finalize pending complaints.
Check for details.

My service provider sends balance status messages and they appear while the complaint is submitted.
How should I continue when I receive the messages?

Since Mobile Vigeye complaint filing involves uploads and sending sms messages, it could be possible that the mobile balance (either internet usage or sms usage) varies during the operation.

Some service providers send instant messages with the balance status.
If you receive such messages during the operation, simply close the message and continue the operation.
You may also choose to contact the service provider and disable the messages (Note - this would reflect even if you are not operating mobile Vigeye).

Do Note that if these messages cause tones or sounds on your phone, the same would be recorded in the media during Audio/Video recordings.
To avoid such sounds, you may temporarily disable message tones form your mobile.

The organization name does not appear in the list. How should I file the complaint?

You have two choices:

•Choose specific complaint option. The mobile screen opens a form with company names. Type the company name in the text box (top most section of the form). The company name typed in the textbox would appear as the first option along with possible company matches. Choose the first option (which is same as the company name you typed) and proceed.

•Choose general complaint option and proceed to file the complaint. You may provide the company details in the finalization audio and optionally, as notes.

For specific complaints, what is the region I should mark?
Is it the region where complaint is filed or company location?

The region is the location of the company

I did not receive the login information/ software download link via SMS. How should I proceed?

It is possible that SMS messages from the server do not reach the destination mobile due to a network problem. Sometimes, SMS messages are just delayed. If you do not receive the message even after 5 minutes, you do the following to proceed.

•Check your email. A copy login, password and download link is also sent to the email.

•a). If you have email access on the mobile, click on the download link provided in the email to install the Mobile software.

•b) If you do not have access to email on mobile, access the same from a computer. Type the link provided in the email to download the software.

•If you have not provided email or do not have access to the emails, contact the support helpline.

My phone does not seem to send the finalize SMS.
Phone gives an error during SMS send. What should I do?

If the finalize audio is uploaded successfully, the complaint gets registered.
The SMS is an additional authentication mechanism.
You may choose to ignore the error.

During Mobile Vigeye Registration, I get a message "Duplicate entry detected" and the system does not allow me to register.
What could be the reason?

Possible reasons are:

•You have already registered for the mobile number. The system allows you to register only once. In case you do not recollect your password, contact the helpline

•If you have not already registered your mobile, it could be possible that the mobile number was re-allotted to you. If so, contact the helpline to reset the account.

Report correct facts known to you about corrupt activity troubling you.

Register for web complaints here Register web.

Register for Mobile complaints here Register mobile.

You can send an empty SMS or "VIGEYE" to 09223174440 to get an SMS containing the registration link in your mobile.

Watch the video explaining Mobile Vigeye for Java Platform

Watch the video explaining Mobile Vigeye Windows Mobile Application to Report and Fight Corruption in India

Current status of Vigeye – on Friday, December 10, 2010

1.Number of vigeyes registered: 163

2.Number of complaints from Mobiles : 8

3.Number of complaints filed on Web : 6

4.Number of total complaints filed : 14

Reality views by sm –
Friday, December 10, 2010

Source - CVC Vigeye


Amrit December 10, 2010  

Let us see what comes out of it.

Balachandran V December 10, 2010  

Great initiative! Hope the dutiful citizens would respond enthusiastically. Thanks,sm, for the detailed info.

kiran sawhney December 10, 2010  

I am skeptical too about the success of this project.

Nrupen Masram December 10, 2010  

"GPRS does not work well if the phone is connected to a PC/laptop", This information is not true and i doubt its working.

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sm,  December 10, 2010  

Balachandran V,,
its good start

sm,  December 10, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,
yes you are right but this project will become success after few years or will be helpful for next generation.

deeps December 11, 2010  

I wouldn’t be surprised if some forms corruption creeps in this as well :P
Niways… thanks for sharing …

sm,  December 11, 2010  

Nrupen Masram,,

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) December 22, 2010  

The people monitoring these itself are corrupt ,its just another one of those biscuits being thrown at us so that we believe that the governments are stopping corruption....

sm,  December 22, 2010  

yes biscuits well said