14 December 2010

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Is it not discrimination against gender female – Know the case of Kannada film actress Jayamala – Discrimination against females on the name of custom

Is it not discrimination against gender female –
Know the case of Kannada film actress Jayamala –
Discrimination against females on the name of custom

Indian constitution says that male and female both are equal.
Human rights say that male and female both are equal.
But only in the books of law the equality between male and female is there
In real life there is no equality.

So what happened with the actress Jayamala?
4 years back, Kannada film actress Jayamala claimed that she had touched the idol of Lord Ayyappa at the famous Sabarimala temple in violation of the hill shrine custom.

What is the custom?
Women in the 10-50 age groups are barred from entering the temple.

Jayamala had claimed she had in her prime youth, at the age of 18 entered the sanctum sanctorum and touched the idol of the presiding deity.
Now Jayamala is 50 years old.

Now in December 2010 Kerala Police filed a chargesheet against Kannada film actress Jayamala and she has been listed as the third accused after astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishnan and his Bangalore-based aide Raghupathy for their alleged "deliberate and malicious act to outrage" religious sentiments by hatching a conspiracy involving her.

The chargesheet was filed in the first class judicial magistrate court at Ranni in Pathanamthitta District.

The real duty of government is to bring equality among male and female.

The people who follow the customs which discriminate against females should be booked and not the female.

She has touched or entered the temple is not important.
Important is to bring the equality between male and female.

This clearly shows that female are not worthy and she is not equal to male so she can not enter the temple.

There was custom to murder a widow – now it is banned
There was a custom to not educate female – now it is banned
There was a custom not to allow Dalit to enter temple – now this is banned.
The time has come to allow females to enter every temple, custom is not important

Important is equality and our constitution.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Nrupen Masram December 15, 2010  

How sick of Indian people, pure bullshit on name culture. These are those things which I hate in Modern India. Government should support her than discriminating her, if your god discriminates you then its better not to worship the discriminating god.

Rachna December 15, 2010  

All kinds of things happen in the name of religion in India. too bad for her.

Neeha December 15, 2010  

I couldn't agree with your post,though I am the one who hate gender differences.
Here you are describing jayalalitha's case,when she touched Lord Ayappa when he is in the form of ascetic(a celibate meditating in solitude for the benefit of all mankind).
Even all the Austerities(Devotees who are willing to take the pooja/vratham & go to sabarimalay)during this period will maintain a simple living,the mind and body are to be kept impeccably pure and absolute celibacy is practiced.

So it's a condition that women shouldn't touch the lord only in this form/avatar,you can touch and worship him in other forms.

So I think it's better not to comment or point on others tradition.

sm,  December 15, 2010  

Nrupen Masram,,

.. December 15, 2010  


Neeha December 15, 2010  

No reply for my comment..
I didn't mean to point out or hurt you..
Just expressed wat I felt..
Hope u dnt misunderstand..

sm,  December 15, 2010  

when i reply your comment i will let you know and keep a message on your blog.
this issue is delicate and do not want to hurt the sentiments of any one who think god is great than the human being.

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 15, 2010  

The statement made by Jayamala was not emotionally intelligent.
She may be very socially intelligent though.
I have never seen a lady pujari in a temple till now. Does it mean that it is illegal?
I do not know.

chitra December 15, 2010  

I would like to say something here. There is some rationale behind every custom and belief.It's not that I have faith in God and accept blindly everything.I am not superstitious too. i look for a reason behind it.
Why women were barred mainly because the terrain was and is very difficult and very steep . though we speak of equality, women are biologically different and difference is there in their physical strength too. There are exceptions, who match with men in every field and I do respect them but how many are there?.
Suppose a woman menstruates during the hazardous climb it may also attract animals as there are tigers in the forest. This is what I heard why women were barred and it became a custom. Though I am visiting many temples I don't think I will be able to trek about 14-18kms of jungle- hill terrain. Now a days may women visit this shrine too. But I don't want to say anything on Jayamala's case.

This custom is followed only in Sabarimala. Today morning only I visited an Ayyapa temple.
I also have an answer for Keerti Vasan. The Manarasala temple in Kerala, the poojari is a woman and I think there one or two more.

SM this is your blog. But don't mistake me. I just wanted to say something.

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 15, 2010  

Though I am not a legal expert, I think temples and all come under social laws.
Looking forward to blogs by sm on social laws.

sm,  December 15, 2010  

come to Maharashtra and you will find many females doing the job of Pujari and like that.

sm,  December 15, 2010  

thanks for adding information.
We need to know more and in details everything

SM December 15, 2010  

please read the articles below religion labels.

chitra December 15, 2010  

I think I missed a sentence in bet' what I meant was the smell of blood may attract wild animals as they have high sense of smell. Even before editing properly I pressed the post button and there was a power cut too and couldn't check for along time.

sm,  December 15, 2010  

its ok happens with me also.

Nrupen Masram December 16, 2010  

Hi Chitra I am sick of hearing women are not as much capable as men are. I really hate this kinda bullshit of incapability, please come out of your dreams a person is capable not his/her gender.


sm,  December 16, 2010  

Nrupen Masram,,
yes male and female both are equal