27 December 2010

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Dadoji Konddev, statue of Shivajis Guru Removed – another trick to waste the time and money of Indian taxpayers, Did I learned wrong history.

Dadoji Konddev, statue of Shivajis Guru Removed –
another trick to waste the time and money of Indian taxpayers,
Did I learned wrong history.

Pune Municipal Corporation removed the statue of Dadoji Konddev from Lal Mahal and after this BJP and Shivsena started protest against this.

The statue was part of a three statue installation at the historic Lal Mahal.
The other two statues are of king Shivaji and his mother Jijamata.

The demand to demolish the statue was made by Maratha organizations in the city who say that Dadoji Konddev was not the Guru of king Shivaji.
King Shivajis mother Jijabai taught him everything.

The Shiv sena and BJP had opposed the demolition of the statue

MNS also opposed the demolition of the statue.

Shiv sena and BJP both opposed this, after the removal of statue both started violent protest in Pune Municipal Corporation and later it began all party fight and everything was broken in Pune Municipal Corporation.

Regarding this episode MNS chief Raj Thackeray said that Congress-NCP had used the controversy over role of Dadoji Konddev in Chhatrapati Shivaji's life to divert attention from more important issues like the price rise.

"What reason will you give when you are asked why the statue of Dadoji Konddev was removed?
What was the harm if Shahaji's statue was installed along with Dadoji and Shivaji?"

As per history books Dadoji Konddev entered Shivaji's life when he was seven years old,"

Reality views by sm –
Monday, December 27, 2010

In my own school days I learned that Dadoji Konddev was his Guru.

Does it mean my school taught me wrong history?

The problem with our history is that no Indian knows the true history of India; political parties keep changing the history as per their own views and to spread hatred among the caste and religions.

Now time has come forget what happened before 1950 and talk about history from1950 to 2010, what happened in this period?
People even do not know about history of India, china and Pakistan war,
Do not know about law commission.

These political parties did not learned a single lesson from King Shivaji, he even gave land for the burial of his enemies with full respect
Here what you are doing,
Fighting in Pune Municipal Corporation and damaging government property, making losses and wastage of tax payer’s money.

The money should be collected from them and they should be given imprisonment of 1 month for damaging government property.

Political parties should file the cases in the court of law if do not like the shifting of statue from Lal Mahal,

The statue has historical significance, importance no need to remove it, prove it that Dadoji was not his Guru and make the changes in the history
There is no need to remove the statue.

I tried to find the proof regarding Dadoji kondev which proves that he was not the guru of king shivaji.

Another problem is no media channel TV is asking the historians what their take is, or may be historians are afraid to talk because of fear of beating.

Please do not forget about corruption of politicians.
Pay attention to only corruption and punishment and progress of inquiry regarding this corruption

Below is a Controversial photo of young Shivaji with mother Jijabai and Guru Dadoji Kondev

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Unknown December 28, 2010  

yeah its true we are studying wrong history . The brahmins created history to keep their supremacy in the society . So we are learning brahmin version of history , which is far away from truth.

bchowla December 28, 2010  

Forget hstory. Why the hell is govt taking PANGAS with the sentiments of common man?

sm,  December 28, 2010  


sm,  December 28, 2010  


Kirtivasan Ganesan December 29, 2010  

Many noted historians do not trust writings by courtesans of erstwhile kings. This is especially true about Hindu kings. The reason is firstly what is written does not match with archaelogical evidence and second reason is that the courtesan tend to do chamchagiri of king and say sentences like "you were born from sun" or "killer of thousand tigers" etc. which cannot possibly be true.
That is why controversies over history occur.
Now coming to the point of Hindu backlash, now why on earth Hindus of today are not feeling one with the environment, with earth, with water, with sky etc., I do not know. The feel of an Hindu towards elements, animals, plants etc. was very strong. Sadly this has been replaced with petty fight over religion, temples, statues etc.
I remember a bold statement of Swami Vivekananda that God can be achieved from playing football more than by reading Bhagwat Geeta.
How I wish the statement of Swami Vivekananda prevail over today's Hindus!

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 29, 2010  

In my above comment, the word courtesan should be replaced with courtier.

sm,  December 29, 2010  

Swami Vivekananda that God can be achieved from playing football more than by reading Bhagwat Geeta.
thanks for adding it.

Anonymous,  January 04, 2011  

So long as idiots and castist like Sharad Pawar are present in this country there is no future.Instead of removing status concentrate on reducing the prices of onions.

SM January 04, 2011  


Anonymous,  February 20, 2011  

cn nebody tell me dt who was d guru of shivaji maharaj....???i knw abt samartha ramdas.....bt i hrd abt sant tukaram also....so m confusd btwn dis 2....i knw m distracting u frm main topic....bt plz tel me if possible....

sm,  February 20, 2011  

its good that you know about them.
all 3 persons got different importance in Maharashtra and life of King.

Unknown September 18, 2015  

Real intelligence and edge in maratha history and flourishment of its rule goes to marathi brahmins. Evidences are there pre independence.These people never claimed themselves as kings but worked devotedly. Many maratha sects in maharashtra see brahmins as threat owing to their influence in every aspect of culture literature history etc. But the tragedy is brahmins are in minority. So they can't even fight even if they witness wrong doings.Its a pity and this sect of society is disappearing from maharashtra very fast as they are cornered politically.

Unknown September 18, 2015  

Dadoji kondeo was a great example well before even peshwas came to power.Peshwas always called themselves peshwas meaning advisor .They never claimed themselves kings.
Brahmins were the trigger to initiate swaraj to practice religion under adilshahi.
Dadoji kondeo Ramdas swam etc were few among them
Other fact is almost 6 out of 8 advisors to shivaji were brahmins in the court.