09 December 2010

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2G Scam CBI Raids on A. Raja and other officials -

2G Scam CBI Raids on A. Raja and other officials -
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) carried out raids at former Telecom Minister A. Raja, residences in Delhi and Chennai besides carrying out raids at the premises of seven of his key aides in connection with the 2G spectrum scam in Delhi and Chennai

CBI officers conducted searches in the houses of Raja's brother and sister in Srirangam and Tiruvanaikaval in the district.

The CBI team also raided the
Residence of Raja's business partner in Chennai
Residences of Raja's key aides RK Chandolia & S Behuria
Residences of former Department of Telecom Member K Sridhar
DoT Deputy Director General RK Srivastava
Residence of DoT directors RK Gupta
Vinod Kumar
The residence of DoT Deputy Director General PK Mittal

What is the reason CBI conducted raids on Raja and his friends ?

On November 22 Supreme Court of India asked the CBI about A. Raja so it became necessary to take some action.

The Enforcement Directorate, in its report on 2G spectrum allocation scam submitted to the Supreme Court today, is understood to have said that the case has international ramifications as the money trail covers ten countries, including Mauritius.

The Supreme Court has asked the Centre to consider setting up a special court to deal with the Rs. 1.76 lakh crore 2G spectrum scam.

Still the question remains why raids were carried out after so many days, when we knew that who may have benefited in this scam.

A small story which happened in Unknown country -

A gang of young boys with one leader robbed the bank, every one knew the leader and gang of boys .
Then Police arrested other gang members but leader of the Gang was not arrested because he was the son of a father who was a close friend of King

In this period the leader of the gang disposed of all the loot from bank
Then judge shouted on king and king shouted on police and then they inform the leader and took his permission to arrest him and arrested him but found nothing.
And judge declared him innocent and clean and good man.

Updated on Friday, December 10, 2010 -

"The Ministry (Telecom Ministry) has decided to set up a one-man committee comprising of retired judge of Supreme Court justice Shivraj Vir Patil to examine the appropriateness of procedure by DoT (Department of Telecom) in issuance of license and allocation of licenses from 2001 to 2009.

The enquiry commission will clearly look into the internal procedure of DoT,"

The committee will study all telecom licenses from 2001, which means the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance regime will also come under scanner.

Updated on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 –

Addressing the media Supreme Court judge Shivraj Vir Patil said "No former ministers, including Raja, will be questioned.
I will only study the appropriateness of spectrum and licence allotment procedures,"
"I am free to take support from any person with technical knowledge. I am concerned only with the internal working of the Department and only internal DoT documents will be examined,"

According to the terms of reference finalized by the Department of Telecom and retired Supreme Court judge Shivraj Vir Patil, who will investigate the telecom policy since 2001, the committee will only study appropriateness of procedure related to allocation of 2G spectrum licences.

Great time pass and waste of Indian tax payer’s money.

Reality Views by sm –
Thursday, December 09, 2010


kiran sawhney December 09, 2010  

I just love the story. Very well said...through the story. You hit the bull's eye.

sm December 09, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

Amrit December 09, 2010  

I really liked the story. Good style SM :)

hemal December 09, 2010  

dude, where are you? havent seen you on the forum of Indiblogger for long time, neither on my blog :P

btw, this 2g scam story has lot to be desired with a lot of things coming up, and without a full clarity, things are difficult to take a call on.

What I believe is, thanks to the licences that were issued for a discount, the cost per call for Indians in general was reduced to peanuts and this way, things have become better by miles.

Nrupen Masram December 09, 2010  

Such things will one day make India Bankrupt.


Arti December 09, 2010  

A very sad incident for India... You have written well...

sm,  December 09, 2010  

I have written lot on this , go through it and everything will be clear.
Want to Understand 2G scam,
just one question will you sell your new bike or a flat with a loss of more than 75%
this is the story of scam.

sm,  December 09, 2010  

Nrupen Masram,,

sm,  December 09, 2010  


chitra December 10, 2010  

I loved the story. That is what really happens here. all the corrupt become innocent in the end.

sm,  December 10, 2010  


Renu December 14, 2010  

even if they study anything else also, it will be atime pass, nobdy gets punished in India and thats the reson of scams flooding us.

sm,  December 14, 2010  

yes i agree with you

Dinesh February 02, 2011  

Now Congress would come out to show Obligation done on country by them on A Raja's arrest. This alliance proved " LETHAL "� for India. People of India is frustrated by Congress + DMK alliance loot of the country, feels no shame to dump poor citizens and plays "� DALIT CARD " for cover-up. For UPA-2 Coalition Dharma [ keep the eyes closed and let the loot go on ] is much higher than Raj Dharma. Expand TIHAR, for the Looters of India. A Hearty Congratulations to S Swamy, Citizens, SC and Alert Media. Thank You to make " POSSIBLE the IMPOSSIBLE ".

sm,  February 02, 2011