05 November 2010

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USA – IOWA - 3 Judges Removed for Giving Judgment in favor of Minority Community not for corruption but honesty

USA – IOWA - 3 Judges Removed for Giving Judgment in favor of Minority Community not for corruption but honesty -

Three Iowa Supreme Court justices who were part of the unanimous decision that legalized same-sex marriage in the state were removed from their job.

The justices’ removal will have no effect on same-sex marriage, which will remain the law.

Sending the clear message that Freedom is not important but the majority , same which here in India people experience in everything.

From its first decision in 1839, the Iowa Supreme Court demonstrated a willingness to push ahead of public opinion on matters of minority rights, ruling against slavery, school segregation and discrimination decades before the national mood shifted toward racial equality.

That legacy was cited in liberal corners here last year when the seven-member court voted unanimously to strike down a law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, making the state the first in the Midwest to permit same-sex marriage.

Replacements for the three ousted justices will be appointed by the governor from a slate of candidates nominated by a committee of lawyers and will have to stand for periodic retention votes, a system known as merit selection.

This will start judicial corruption in America as sweet tongue people will become judges and who will make money and give judgment as per the wishes of politicians of America .

It was marriage that inspired the campaign to oust the judges, and it was prominent national anti-gay organizations that bankrolled the effort. Led by Mississippi-based American Family Association, the effort was aided by groups such as Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council, Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, Georgia-based Faith & Freedom Coalition and New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage.

The organizations spent more than $1 million to oust the judges, with the campaign culminating in a 20-city bus tour across Iowa urging voters to kick the judges off the bench.
But judges did not raise the money to get the votes.
Local leaders of the effort said rejecting the judges would set the stage for the fight over gay marriage and gay rights in Iowa and across the country.

This is the time American Judiciary should unite and go on strike because this is nothing but limiting their judgment giving power.

Pakistan is better in this case , when Supreme Court judges got the problems , nation as well as legal fraternity supported them so much military President has to restore Supreme Court judges their post.

Otherwise this will be repeated in other states, and slowly religious laws will become applicable in USA.

Already in UK , Sharia Law is valid and used by judges , recently in USA such attempt was banned by amendment .

If judges will lost their jobs for giving judgment protecting minority communities , tomorrow
What will happen and what type of judgments will be passed one can understand easily.

Judge should be removed from his job for doing corruption not for giving judgment based on his talent and education.

Judiciary is above religion , judges have to decide and give judgment not by religion but evidence and human rights .

This proves and shows another example why in future China will become No. 1 Super power.
Can not even think, a judge removed from his job for giving judgment not for doing corruption .

“What is so disturbing about this is that it really might cause judges in the future to be less willing to protect minorities out of fear that they might be voted out of office,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the University of California, Irvine, School of Law. “Something like this really does chill other judges.”

The time has come that American People should relearn the theory of separation of power between executive and judiciary.

In India it is very difficult for Indian politicians to remove the judges from their post which the necessity for good democracy that what ever may happen, politicians should not be able to remove the Supreme Court judges easily .

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Friday, November 05, 2010


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