29 November 2010

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Saudi Arabia – Muslim Females Pain – The custom of ADHL and guardian ship

Saudi Arabia – Muslim Females Pain –
The custom of ADHL and guardian ship

A custom or tradition of ADHL –
Customs of female slavery –

What is ADHL custom ?

A male guardian do not allow the daughter or female get marry and enjoys her money, salary or single female funds given by government.

Normally father gets rights under ADHI – if father is dead the 2nd in command guardian male guardian enjoys this status elder male of the family .

On which reason he or any male guardian denies right of marriage to daughter –
The boy belongs to other tribe
The boy is poor
The boy is not suitable

Honestly I will tell you as per my understanding any reason is accepted, they just want the money of daughter forever.

The concept of guardianship is interpreted in conservative Islam as meaning that men are superior to women.

Intelligent males to fool the females say that
This protection means or is an order for men to protect women, financially, emotionally and physically.

In Saudi Arabia females can not marry without the permission of a male guardian.

“A Saudi woman can’t even buy a phone without the guardian’s permission,”

But now a days few educated females are filing cases in the court of law against this custom.

Saudi feminist Wajeha al-Hawaidar describes male guardianship as “a form of slavery.”

In Saudi Arabia girls above age 20 are considered as old. Not fit for marriage.

Quran, warns Muslim men not to prevent their daughters, sisters or female relatives from getting married.

For this crime by a male what is the punishment ?

As per Saudi law only the guardian ship is removed nothing else.
And the end female is punished for disobeying father.

In one adhl case, a young single mother, Samar Badawi, sued her father and demanded he be stripped of his guardianship.
She fled her house in March 2008 and spent around two years in a women protection house in Jeddah, waiting for the court ruling.

In April, she got it — she was sentenced to six months in prison for disobedience.

The judge transferred guardianship to her uncle, and it is not yet clear if her uncle will let her get married.

Didn’t you felt that possession, ownership rights of cow got changed from one hand to another hand.

Where is the wish of Girl ?

In Saudi Arabia, no woman can travel, gain admittance to a public hospital or live independently without a “mahram,” or guardian.

Remember Guardian means male , a female can never be a guardian. Males got right to beat females if they disobey males. [She is just an animal . ]

In the Saudi public school curriculum, boys are taught how to use their guardianship rights.

Be jealous, beat her hands, protect her and achieve superiority over her,” reads page 212 of the Prophet Sayings textbook for 11th grade.

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Monday, November 29, 2010


Neha November 29, 2010  

so many of the middle east laws are absurd in nature..here you have highlighted the female laws; but some laws involving males too are absurd! they suggest extreme punishment for small things! and in spite of many petitions, nothing has changed so far!

jabblog November 29, 2010  

The law is an ass pretty much the world over, I fear. Enslavement of women is outdated and appalling and in time Saudi Arabia will change its ways but it will take many more decades before women can claim equality with men.

Amrit November 29, 2010  



chitra November 29, 2010  

OMG .this is news to me.Didn't know about such things.

kiran sawhney November 29, 2010  

Even I am unaware of such laws. Seems little weird.

sm,  November 29, 2010  


sm,  November 29, 2010  

yes it will take decades to change

sm,  November 29, 2010  

this is just one law other laws are also just like this.

sm,  November 29, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

Anonymous,  November 30, 2010  

And the US is supposed to become more shari'a compliant? In the USA, that father would be in jail for various crimes including felony assault and forceful imprisonment. This is not to say that the US is a perfect society; we are far from that, but here we have a concept called freedom which is meaningless unless ALL people have it. Unfortunately, while the world needs oil to run their economies, oil producing nations will have few restraints or penalties imposed upon them

SM December 02, 2010  


Indian Home Maker February 07, 2011  

"Didn’t you felt that possession, ownership rights of cow got changed from one hand to another hand."

Yes it does feel like that!! It is a slavery by another name.

And 'protection' does not mean 'controlling' somebody's life.

SM February 07, 2011  

Indian Home Maker,,