07 November 2010

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President Barack Obama – Restrictions on India to Purchase "dual use" technologies will be removed. What is Dual use technology?

President Barack Obama – Restrictions on India to Purchase "dual use" technologies will be removed. What is Dual use technology?

In his speech President Barack Obama declared that very soon restrictions on the India regarding purchase of so-called "dual use" technologies will be removed.

What is Dual use technology?
What is the meaning of dual use technology ?
Dual means two

In short a technology which can be used 2 different ways is called as dual technology.
The technology which can be used for the peaceful purpose as well as military purpose is called as dual use technology.
Particularly this applies in case of nuclear reactors.

2nd example is Global Positioning System this can be also used for the two different goals
Civil goal as well as military goal.

Many types of nuclear reactors produce the plutonium.
Plutonium is required and necessary to make nuclear weapon.
This same nuclear reactor is used to generate electricity which is peaceful use of techonology.

Many countries have laws which prohibit the sell of such dual technologies without the permission of government.

Once America removes the restriction on India regarding purchase of dual technologies, it will help Indian companies to purchase this technology which will be used for the benefit of India. This will also allow American companies to sale dual technologies to Indian companies.

This will increase the trade between India and America.

In a statement, Mike Froman, the Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs said the United States will support India's full membership in the four multilateral export control regimes.
These are the Nuclear Suppliers Group; what's called the MTCR regime -- the Missile Technology Control Regime; the Australian Group; and the Wassanaar Arrangement."

This membership makes it easier for India to get dual-use technology from member countries.
It's also means India has a say in framing export control rules.

The Australia Group deals with chemical and biological weapons.
Wassenaar deals with conventional weapons

USA will also remove India's defense and space-related entities from the U.S. entity list.

Three Indian entities will be taken off embargoed list –
1.Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),
2.Indian Space Research (ISR0)
3.The Hyderabad-headquartered Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL).

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Sunday, November 07, 2010


Apanatva November 07, 2010  


nice post.

आपको एवं आपके परिवार को दिवाली की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें!

sm,  November 07, 2010  


Amrit November 07, 2010  

This is a good news for India and the USA. But I have to say it is USA interest that triggered this action. India has already built and tested nuclear weapons and probably have enough material for several wars.

But it MAY help India to develop Nuclear power reactors at faster pace.

Arti November 07, 2010  

Thanks..Very well explained. Interesting!

sm,  November 07, 2010  

Yes i agree with you.
its beneficial for both countries.

sm,  November 07, 2010  


Insignia November 07, 2010  

But knowing USA they might have "Conditions Apply" :-) Too early to feel happy about

sm,  November 07, 2010  


SG November 07, 2010  

Thanks for the nice information.

Tanvi November 07, 2010  

Glad to know .. but I am in agreement with A here as well!

sm,  November 08, 2010  


sm,  November 08, 2010