14 November 2010

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Go Green with the Simple Pen Be Environment Friendly – Think

Go Green with the Simple Pen Be Environment Friendly – Think
Go Green with the Simple Pen Be Environment Friendly – Think

From school to collage boys, from clerk to chief executive officer every one uses
A Pen

When I was in school and collage, we used one pen for six months or year, and after that also we did not throw it away, kept it for younger kids or gave it to younger boys and girls.

Now days what is happening
In our schools and collages, a new concept is their,
Use and throw the pen

The Plastic Pen -
The reason is price of the pen is equal to the refill of the Pen

The pen with plastic will cost you Rs. 7 and Refill will cost you Rs.7.

Thus without thinking anything
Everyone throws the pen and buys the new pen,

When I was in school and collage we used to change the refill
Everyone changed the pen when it broke or lost in a school or collage.

Now you will say so what? What one can do with the simple plastic pen and what harm the pen will do?

It is a single pen, Plastic Pen as Price is same, it is better to use the new Pen.

Now let us see this way,

One collage 1 class room = 100 students

Out of this only 50 students purchase the new Pen instead of refill when it is possible for them to change the refill and use that same pen.

How much plastic is required and how many more pens are manufactured as demand is for more Pens and not refill.

Now calculate the number of students. Schools and collages and offices
daily how many new Plastic Pens are bought?

Think how many new Plastic Pens are thrown away and new once are bought.

Each city 10,000 or 25,000 new pens daily think to make those new Plastic Pens
How much Plastic is required?

If you got the point
hope you will change the refill and before Buying the New Plastic Pen you will think about the environment.

When we change the refill , We become Environment Friendly

A simple Pen
Be Smart and Be Green and Environment Friendly Use and Throw –
Think before Throwing – the simple pen

Be little smart and Go Green with the Pen.
Change the refill and not the Pen.
Be Green and Save Environment

Reality Views by sm –
Sunday, November 14, 2010


kiran sawhney November 14, 2010  

Huge Applaud. An eye opener. Totally with you. From now on, only refill. No pen change.
In our school, college days, we used to fill inks. It was messy but....

sm,  November 14, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

bhagyareema November 14, 2010  

Interseting, never thought in this way

sm,  November 14, 2010  


chitra November 14, 2010  

when we were in school we used the pens used by our elder siblings. It used to be passed down like a heirloom . Now the present situation is really appalling.

sm,  November 14, 2010  


Neha November 14, 2010  

what a post. first time I am reading such kind of a post on your blog which has more of a personalized touch. amazing message :)

SG November 14, 2010  

Thanks SM. A real eye opener.

Usha November 15, 2010  

Sm .. nicely conveyed message of going green. Conserve and Recycle must become our routine lifestyle.

Here Garbage collection allows us to recycle several throw away items..it is big contribution if followed seriously.

Good inspiring post. This reminds me to go and read your "know everything about vinegar" post which I did not finish reading...If I pay heed I can get rid of close to a dozen types of cleaning sprays at home.

sm,  November 15, 2010  

Conserve and Recycle must become our routine lifestyle.

RNSANE November 15, 2010  

sm, I remember I used to have a Parker T Ball jotter, a very nice ball point pen for which you bought refills. I still have it around somewhere but it will require searching. I've been guillty, of course, of buying pens at Costco, in packages of a dozen, using them until they are empty and tossing them. Not very environmentally sound. You've made me feel guilty and you're right.

sm,  November 15, 2010  

Now a days while purchasing we should ask them do u got refill for this pen in future .
i saw few shops only sell new pens no refills.
so when there is need we have to purchase new pen