17 November 2010

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Adarsh Society scam – CBI will Question the Former Chief Minister – Ashok Chavan and 103 members -

Adarsh Society scam – CBI will Question the Former Chief Minister –
Ashok Chavan and 103 members -

CBI will question all the 103 members of the Adarsh housing society
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is likely to question former Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan in connection with the Adarsh Housing Society scam.

The CBI's preliminary inquiry found that the land belongs to the defence.

The CBI, which had on November 15 registered a Preliminary Enquiry (PE) in the scam

CBI officials on Nov 16 met Maharashtra chief secretary JP Dange and asked him to submit all essential documents and papers regarding the housing scam as soon as possible.

Still CBI has not filed the First Information Report in this scam.
This will happen only after filing of FIR.

In Next 1 or 2 weeks it is expected that CBI will file the FIR regarding this scam.

The FIR would be against personnel from the defence and state government (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

As per media reports CBI would examine whether Ashok Chavan signed a letter recommending 40 per cent allotment of flats to civilians in the Adarsh Housing Society. When he was Revenue Minister.
Also, if the occupancy certificate (OC) was issued to the society when he was the Chief Minister.

The CBI would also question Chavan on the flats owned in the society by his mother- in-law, sister- in- law and one more relative, on whether he knew about the purchase deals and if he was aware of the correspondence they had with the society.

These members would be questioned on the income tax details submitted by them while purchasing flats, on when and how they bought them and on their correspondence with the society and departments of the state government

Timeline what and when each Chief Minister of Maharashtra did regarding Adarsh housing society scam –

CM Narayan Rane -
1999: Adarsh society proposal received, he asks for it to be looked into

Revenue Minister Ashok Chavan -
2000: recommended 40 per cent civilian allotment

CM Vilasrao Deshmukh
2002: Land located by reducing public road
2003: Letter of intent issued

CM Sushil Kumar Shinde
2003: Dubious CRZ clearance for project
2004: Land allotted to project
2004: Flat-owners increased by 51

CM Vilasrao Deshmukh
2005: Building height increased
2005: Building permission given

CM Ashok Chavan - 2010: Building given occupation certificate

Updated on - Saturday, November 27, 2010

Adarsh Society scam -
4 important documents related with Adarsh Society scam got stolen and A case of theft has been registered and an investigation into the theft is on.
These files were in possession of Urban Development Department in Mumbai.

Central Bureau of Investigation found page numbers 15, 27, 99 and 279 of the file missing and notified the Urban Development Department.

The CBI had received a copy of the file for their probe into the controversy-hit society.

The Urban Development Department then lodged complaint of papers being stolen.

Missing pages contain following -

1.Signatures of 2 ex-Chief Ministers and senior officials
2.Environmental clearance given by the Urban Development Department
3.Clearance to reduce road width
4.Clearance for the building to encroach on road space
5.Clearance for construction of additional floors
source - NDTV

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Neha November 17, 2010  

you know, when I quoted the adarsh society scam in my lecture, the students had not even heard about it! they knew that CM is changed but were unaware about the reasons!

sm,  November 18, 2010  

ignorance is one of the reasons for political corruption.

Neha November 18, 2010  

I agree. and they all turned/will turn 18! first year B com students. they will vote tomorrow! what else do we expect now! few more corrupts and it will go on and on. there will be many chawans, rajas and kalmadis!

jabblog November 18, 2010  

There is corruption everywhere - some very sophisticated and well hidden. I applaud those who investigate, often at personal risk.

SM November 18, 2010  


Rachna November 18, 2010  

The scams tumbling out everyday are really disheartening. But, just by suspending ministers is not enough, prosecution is the key!

Sandhya November 18, 2010  

After the scam was 'exposed' they say that only 9 stories were approved and the extra stories are illegal and talking of demolishing them! Again 'demolishing' scam!

My nieces who are in college now, don't know anything about any scams, about the new Maharashtra CM, Nitish Kumar...nothing. They are not interested in reading newspapers too and immersed in their own world. My sons were reading the Sports page earlier, now internet and TV have replaced them!

Abhilash November 18, 2010  

I am not sure when the scams stop.

A time will come when politicians will capture videos of their scam and distribute them signifying that they are free of being tortured or taunted. There will be no fear, no reaction.

sm,  November 18, 2010  

Even PM do not permit to file FIR against 2G raja.

SG November 18, 2010  

Thanks for the informative post.

sm,  November 19, 2010  

yes no one is interested hope it will change

sm,  November 19, 2010  

yes i agree with you.
India is moving in that direction only

sm,  November 19, 2010  


jamos jhalla November 19, 2010  

yes India needs a diversion from corruption I think naam of BENAMI property should be dig out immediately

SM November 20, 2010  

jamos jhalla,,

Amrit November 21, 2010  


Informative post once more. I don't know if it is not your blog, where else we will find this kind of information.

sm,  November 28, 2010  

CRZ the Coastal Regulation Zone, 1991 rules allow construction up to nine floors, but regarding Adarsh Housing Cooperative Society 31 floors are liable to be demolished since the Society did not take the approval mandated under the 1991 rules.
As per rule book the building should be demolished as fast as possible

But Problem in India is that
Now a days everyone is doing illegal job if found they do something and later it becomes legal.
Like pay nominal fine as good as nothing, even approach SC and get it done illegal on social grounds or anything.
Everything is possible in India.

Now they are planning to file a case challenging the law itself.
Hope SC will reject it and fine them for wasting time of SC.